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Jack Shephard is the next Jacob


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Jack Shephard is the next Jacob


Out of the following choices this is the conclusion I came up with.


It has to be Jack, in the last episode he said 'something isn't right'


he jumped off the boat and willingly went back to the island. No


other candidate would have done this. The other candidates are..


Hurley Reyes - too stupid, no offence but he is not smart enough to replace Jacob.


Sayid Jarrah - too evil, he's killed too many innocent people in recent episodes to replace Jacob.


Sawyer Ford - hates the island too much, too emotional.


Jin/Sun Kwon - hate the island too much, only want to leave.


Which leaves Jack, he's the obvious choice. It's possible they may allow Sayid


the option of saving himself by going back to the good side, but I doubt it.


Hurley is spiritual enough, his only reason for staying would be to


visit his dead girlfriend. Sawyer might do the same thing, to hang out with


his dead blondie. Jin and Sun, they could co-rule, but not likely.


How is this time travel related you ask? Take a good look at what you


see on the majority of these threads and ask yourself, are they really time


travel related or are they just a bunch of bs written by people with too much


time on their hands. Talking about a tv drama that has time travel as a theme


is more time travel related than half of the posts on here.


LOST is only a great show because of the themes it steals from The Prisoner (1967)


Starring Patrick McGoohan. The dharma logo on all the food and signs, no different


than the logos on everything on the Village island. The others are no different


than the others who rules the Village island. The secrecy, secret experiments,


black projects and the like are no different than those on LOST. Rover? how about


a smoke monster instead of rover. The similarities continue, these are only a few.


When Hurley mentioned back to the future and how he could write star wars for


george lucas, that was the funniest episode.



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