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Happy 2012 TTI!


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Yeah...I know how Lloyd loves to pontificate that this place is dead because certain people "ran everyone off". Or even better his implication that it is dead because no one can falsify his claims of his Magnum Opus project of time travel thru information. ;) And now Razimus chimes in, but he is not offering any thoughts as to why this place has become dead. So how about I offer up a couple possible reasons:


1) People have just tired of gloom and doom soothsayers every week, all of which end up being wrong.


2) Perhaps...just perhaps... this place went dead because *I* have been gone all through 2011, and while even though some people felt I am a jerk, that same perceived jerkiness kept some people engaged? :yum:


That last one is only partly tongue-in-cheek. Because the record of TIME on this board does seem to support the fact that things got quiet right after I took my year-long sabbatical. (You see, Lloyd, someone else can act self-important too!)





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There must be a way to lure actual time travelers to this forum :)


I was thinking. The John Titor story is still all over the internet after all these years. Surely time travelers in the future will learn about this hoax as a way to cover up their time travel activities. I can imagine a lecture in a 2036 time travel class: "Y'all just mention an IBM 5100 and everybody will be convinced that you're not a time traveler."


Anyway, belated happy 2012 to everyone! :)



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