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I was right....


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Hello all,


As you know, I have been traveling through time. I went back and posted in 2004 and again in 2008 utilizing my time travel. Someone asked me to prove I could go back in time, so I did:




Were my predictions about the 2012 campaign, made during a 2008 post, not true? :yum: I can go back in time and post anything you like; just let me know.



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It seems our alleged time traveler can not only NOT keep track of his lies, but he cannot read the date code properly on the posts he attempts to use as evidence:


Were my predictions about the 2012 campaign, made during a 2008 post, not true?

Not only is your prediction not true, but your claim that you made it in a 2008 post is demonstrably not true. Take a look at the date code on the post you refer to in the link you provide:


Re: I am from your future. [re: Gilmer]


08/08/10 06:49 PM (

Emphasis mine, to point out that this was a post in 2010, not 2008. August 8, 2010, to be exact.


And then there is your prediction from back then in 2010 (you never did go back in time from 2010 to create a post earlier...did you?):


Ron Paul was the candidate who rose to wider popularity.

Hardly. Unless you want to nitpick the unquantified "wider" vague term. Point of fact is, that right now in the remaining GOP players left in the race, Paul is running behind Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich. Here are the results from the latest polls on RealClearPolitics.com


Poll Date Santorum Romney Gingrich Paul Spread


RCP Average 2/8 - 2/23 33.4 28.4 14.6 12.4 Santorum +5.0


So, how you would confabulate any of these numbers as Paul rising to wider popularity, I have no clue. The guy is dead last.





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