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China Decides to Ban Time Travel


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Source: China Decides to Ban Time Travel | Techland | TIME.com


China decided to ban time travel (at least in the media/movies/tv) as they don't like the idea of distorting certain historical events, things and people.


It will not give people ideas of making a time machine from inspiring by Sci-Fi movies.


So you will not see Back to Future or Terminator series in China except from black market. It is officially banned.


But I thought they have already distorted the history already, didn't they said that there were no Tiananmen Square protests or massacre ever existed in history??? :eek:



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The US tried to do the same with cryptology. I remember that the Scientific American writing about the Knapsack Cipher (an encryption method) was taken from the shelves in the late 70s.


In 1991 a scientist published a paper about a very high quality encryption system called PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). That allowed documents to be encrypted by everyone and was nearly unbreakable for everyone, including the US government. And it didn't matter whether anyone knew how it worked or not. That was the strength of PGP. Ghehe.


Of course the guy was prosecuted. He was never convicted, though. Scientist argued that the US better lift the ban on scientific publications around that field, because it would cause a significant disadvantage, when the US could not take part in the international cryptology developments. That ban has been lifted, but all kinds of silly regulations still exist to protect "us" against <insert some imaginary enemy>. It is interesting to note that PGP has now has become an open standard in RFC 2440 as OpenPGP. Scientists always find a way. ;)


So, China isn't doing themselves a favor.


*points to signature* ;)



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