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We come together !!!!


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Ever since ive been here, back in 2003 ive noticed we all come together when something about to happen either global or time travel related. I feel this moment is now, i have no idea what it is or if it will happen.




I will say nice family here been 12 years in the making ive been here for all of it and a memeber since 2003.



"One thing time travelling cannot do, it won't allow you to get to know someone that I'm afraid takes time".


"New discovery is the best part of the journey".



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I've been a watcher since 2004 and been posting since well I'll have to remember what names I used because the constant emails that I forgot passwords to or the email service decided to close my account for not using.


We must come together and not just on this forum. We may get more restrictive of what we can do in the coming years if we don't do anything, but it's just figuring out what we can do and how to do it. EVerything is being watched closely nowadays and the fear of the 80s has come. We should still do what we can when we can no matter how little and just love. Somehow it could change the timeline. I might not know the future, but I know where it could lead if we don't do anything about it. Just have to follow within the law as well though. That's all you can really do.



Here now and then. As time passes, you wonder about it all.

I love Doctor Who. The ultimate Time Lord.

All I have is time.

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