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Dedicated Annual UFO/Aerospace Observations Begin


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Due to being disorganized, I was not able to observe APR-12-2012 for a low altitude UFO check. Last year on APR-12-2011, I sighted a low altitude star-like UFO that flew through the city at 05:06 in the morning. It looked like a very bright star, an object of extreme concentrated light that silently emerged from the outskirts advancing ESE (compass bearing to be checked later). The plan this year, I was suppose to check at the same time on APR-12-2012 at 05:06 in the morning if it's an annual event of an object that follows the same path, time, etc...


Now that spring has arrived with tolerable weather, I am pleased to begin dedicated UFO/Aerospace observations on most, if not, all, partly to clear night skies. Already there have been observable objects detected. Most are star-like (a consistent white light, each with variable luminosity).


I must tag these types of objects as UFO 'candidates' because of their like-appearance as that of the low altitude UFOs I've both sighted and encountered closely in the past. High altitude objects of this nature have also demonstrated mysterious or abnormal flight capabilities.


-- Updates as of APR-13-2012 --


* 1 witness report received: large fireball/orb/bright light flew across the sky


-- Updates as of APR-14-2012 --


* 24:44 to 02:20. Empty log.


-- Updates as of APR 15-2012 --


* 21:48 to 23:33. 19 observable objects detected.


21:51 - star-like - heading N - high altitude


21:53 - star-like - heading S - high altitude


21:56 - star-like - heading E - high altitude - slow moving, overhead, very bright and consistent, dissipated at 21:58


22:04 - star-like - heading SW - high altitude


22:08 - star-like - heading SE - high altitude


22:08 - mil/civ aircraft - heading NW - high altitude


22:17 - star-like - heading SW - high altitude


22:19 - star-like - heading E - high altitude


22:20 - shooting star - heading W


22:22 - star-like - heading S - high altitude


22:25 - star-like - heading SE - high altitude


22:26 - star-like - heading NE - high altitude


22:26 - star-like - heading S - high altitude


22:27 - star-like - heading N - high altitude


22:28 - mil/civ aircraft - heading NW - high altitude


22:32 - mil/civ aircraft - heading E - high altitude


22:35 - observations break


23:2? - observations start


23:26 - star-like - heading S - high altitude


23:33 - star-like - heading NE - high altitude - 1 object following 1 other object


-- Updates as of APR 16-2012 --


* cloudy weather - 02:45


* forecast for 20:00 onward has clear expectations



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Welcome back Cubikdic. :)



Thank you, it is good to be back. :yum:


There's one logical theory that explains what it is witnesses and I have been seeing:


The air force has developed exotic aircraft technology that takes on the appearance of orbiting satellites as observed from the ground. These objects are clearly overt because communications satellites (or other) appear like stars - only difference is is that they move across the sky. It's the perfect explanation for plausible deniability of this new technology. Except for when it is employed into low altitude scenarios which I'm sure for all intent and purposes, is a controlled event where at times pose limited exposure to the public. Like at 3 to 5 in the morning for example.


What the definitive purpose of this new secret though overt technology is, I'm not entirely sure. This much has been made clear: 1. this aerospace technology is capable of traversing on a horizontal plain for durations that exceed observable range. 2. these objects can change colour mid-flight. 3. these objects can assume basic three-dimensional shape. 4. these objects can darken to illuminate extensively... Beyond that there is a few things that enter the 'grey zone' that hasn't been conclusive as the facts, such as having a direct effect with physiological or neurological and sensory functions of its target or surrounding biological lifeforms (birds for example).


Now it's only a theory that the air force is responsible for these flying marvels but it could also be under another form of power, like natural phenomena. Do I theorize that it could be alien visitors from outer-space or a secret civilization on Earth, yes, but I'm not sold to that idea. I think it's important to try and use good deductive reasoning rather then automatically assuming things because something's happened. Such as experiencing ESP or synchronicity or having dreams for example. I think those subjects are a taboo to associate with UFOs but it is possible to employ those aspects into technology. Never to forget that MKULTRA (mind control programs) existed both in the U.S. and Canada.



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Sleepy Pilot Mistakes Planet for Oncoming Plane, Sends Passenger Jet Into Dive


April 17, 2012 - ABC News


Article: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/sleepy-pilot-mistakes-planet-venus-oncoming-plane/story?id=16158107#.T441qKs7Wvs


I should hope that what is being observed by others, local witnesses and myself is not causing problems with regular air traffic activities. I stand by with my claim that there exists singular luminous flying objects and I should hope that whatever power controls it, should it not be itself, is ensuring air traffic safety. Which is slightly questionable after this incident. If it's man-made technology, people do make mistakes... The problem is and I think it's safe to assume that most people do not know about their existence, that it'd be mistaken for something like the planet Venus. That may be an alarming fact with regards to classified defence projects (or other) that are tested or operated anywhere.


Have you photographed or videoed any of these sightings?

Greetings Cosmo,


I have videoed some of these sightings, yes. However, the rare low altitude encounters have always escaped from being caught on camera because, I don't always have one with me! Hence the reason why I think low altitude UFOs are very controlled events; limiting public exposure.


How are you making these observations?

I primarily observe without the aid of night vision or other equipment from outside to urban locations. These objects are self-luminous (it's a question whether they're projections) and can thus be easily seen by anyone.



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