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While cleaning up my hard disk drives I've found a video of StarLab. I nearly forgot about it, but I thought I might share it with you. The video can also be found on YouTube (link provided below). As far as I know this research lab was one of the few publicly investigating time travel.


StarLab is a for-profit organization with several branches. One of them was in Belgium and it was closed down a decade ago. The other remaining one still in operation is in Spain. The Spanish division is a consultancy company which turns science into technology. These people are hired by the industry and are, unlike their Belgium counterpart, not involved in theoretical scientific research.


The now defunct Belgium branch was far more interesting. Starlab existed from 1996 to 2001. It was a think tank in which (at their peak) 130 scientists worked on a wide range of research areas. They got their money from private investors or from selling technology that their research may have created.




One of those areas was time travel. Sergei Krasnikov is a theoretical physicist working for StarLab and was hired just before the lab closed as research manager "in a project to assess the viability of time travel under realistic physical conditions".


Serguei Vladilenovich Krasnikov (Russian: Серге́й Владиле́нович Кра́сников; 1961) is a Russian physicist holding a Ph.D. (kandidat nauk) in physics and mathematics from Saint Petersburg University. He is currently based at Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Krasnikov is best known for his contributions in theoretical physics, specifically the development of the Krasnikov Tube and its applications in causality, closed timelike curves and hyperfast travel. In 2001 he was recruited to serve as research manager at prominent interdisciplinary research laboratory Starlab NV/SA in a project to assess the viability of time travel under realistic physical conditions.

He has published various peer reviewed papers on the subjects mentioned in the quote above. It should be noted that Sergei Krasnikov was interested in time travel to investigate how spacetime worked and as far as I know did not find any evidence for practical use, nor did he advocate time travel. I think he was more interested to falsify any theories and StarLab gave him that opportunity. In the clip he is fairly clear about that.



Still, I think it is too bad this project went down. If you know of any other public think tanks like this one then please tell us about it.



The anti-chronology protection conjecture: There is no law of physics preventing the appearance of closed timelike curves. - Li-Xin Li

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