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John Titor... Are you looking for a way home?


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Numerous commentators have pointed out the extensive similarities between the Titor story and Pat Frank's classic post-apocalyptic science fiction novel Alas, Babylon.[21] Among other similarities, Alas, Babylon takes place in a small river-side town in Florida just before and after a nuclear war and describes the struggle to survive as a family in the aftermath. In the book, the protagonist lives in the mythical town of "Fort Repose", while Titor claimed to live in the "Fort", formerly the University of Florida (UF).


An Italian TV program (Voyager – Ai confini della conoscenza) aired an investigation of the John Titor story on May 19, 2008.[25] Mike Lynch, the private detective hired to investigate, found that there were no registry traces, even far in the past, of any John Titor or Titor family. In addition, he discovered that there was a company that was called the John Titor Foundation. The John Titor Foundation is a for-profit Florida LLC that was formed September 16, 2003. It had no office, and it only had a rented post box with the address PMB 237, 7862 W IRLO BRONSON HWY, KISSIMMEE FL 34747; no tapes, recordings, or evidence of Titor were found; and only Larry Haber, the CEO of the John Titor Foundation and an entertainment lawyer in Celebration, Florida, confirmed his existence. Lynch's conclusion is that John Titor may be John Rick Haber, a computer expert who is Larry Haber's brother.



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You should know that love can hurt. I've been hurt most of my life until recently where John showed me this wonderful woman that actually accepts all of me and I don't want to let her go but someday I might have to and she is okay with it. We were talking about marriage since we were perfect for each other but how long we just don't know. Maybe 14 had a lot of love interests? That may have been a part of the plan. Don't think it was meant to be hurtful but I don't fully know the situation. I wish I could help your situation in some way.



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" Enjoying the conversation "


Indeed. Very funny.


Just so you know, most of you who consider yourself experts on Titor, simply aren't. I don't mean that to be insulting or as a means in which to antagonize. It is just simple fact, as conclusions built upon a false premise are also going to be false. ...like divergence between truth and false.


Much of what will be written in the 2001 posts were going to be meant as a means to assist Titor, while simultaneously throwing the rest of you for a loop, so to speak.


Consider this;


Think of something that only you would know or recognize, or rarely, if ever, mentioned. It could be almost anything, such as a reoccurring thought that isn't worth mentioning, something embarrassing, a weird dream that you've never discussed, a private event or conversation, lyrics to a song or a movie script that remind you of something specific in your life, etc, etc, etc...


For example, let's say you once had a bizarre dream about a mission to travel to the moon to grow cherry trees in a bio-dome as a food source for astronauts. You didn't tell anyone about it, but it is nonetheless a part of your memory and something unique to you.


Now, write a story about something and include a reference to your dream, then mail it to yourself. Anyone that may try to intercept it and decipher it's meaning is completely lost. If they have any inclination as to what it is about, they are liable to be sitting around with a telescope looking for bio-domes with fruit trees on the moon.


Apply the same concept to time travel. If you were to try to send a cryptic message to your past self, you could make such a reference that no one else would understand. You could essentially do so in front of the whole world in secrecy.


If you wanted to get tricky, you could do so in a time released manner. You could make a reference to the dream dated before it actually happened, and in such a way that you wouldn't get the message until after the dream had occurred. For example, if you know you had the dream in July 2018, and wouldn't get the message until March of 2022, you could go to February of 2013 and plant the message.


By order of logic, you know it came from you, that it must have been time travel as you posted it before it happened and in a way that the manner of delivery of said message was also anticipated...all of which was only known by you or a select few individuals. You could even get more tricky by breaking it up or changing things around a bit. Like making a reference to traveling to Mars in 2012, and another about planting peach trees in bio-domes in 2013.


The possibilities with such a system are virtually endless. I don't want to give away any more than what is necessary to make my point. But you get the idea. It takes a sound mind to keep track of it, but is nonetheless effective. The fun part is reading a bunch of arrogant idiots claiming to be experts and arguing as to whether you traveled to Mars in 2012 or 2013.





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Anything built upon a false premise will also be false.


That being said....Those of you who consider yourselves experts because you have studied the posts so well, are only experts of BS.


The posts are going to have been intended to assist 'Titor', while simultaneously fooling everyone else.



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Titor has decoys. Even his decoys have decoys. There are fake secret songs, false codes, fake circumstantial references, disinformation agents, systems of plausible deniability, false paper trails, etc., etc., etc...


Don't waste your time trying to figure it out. The only way you will figure it out is if you're allowed to. There are so many layers to this thing, that all you will manage to do is confuse yourself. If anything, you only will help the cause by unwittingly helping to confuse others.



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Maybe I will help to confuse the believers into state of doubt. So could I be a disinformationist? Nope. Just someone trying to get others to use some critical thinking. But the fact is, science isn't moving toward a direction that would support Titor's science. In fact thanks to Hawking black holes may not even exist. He developed a math theory to show how matter spiraling into a black hole gives off radiation. Called Hawking radiation. But so far they do have candidates for black holes with this method. Only problem is they don't understand how come too much energy is being given off. This to me does suggest our black hole theories are in question. Perhaps there is a mechanism that allows matter to reach light speed and turn to energy in the process. Thus bypassing the possibility that black holes can even exist.

I don't mean to pick on you , just making a point.


Like you, I can appreciate the concept of critical thinking. I wish more people were as capable.


I am not as well read on physics as many of you folks are, so I am not really in the position to say much. However, I know time travel is indeed real, and suspect I have figured a relatively simple way of proving as such.


It will take some time to do some investigating, and I must be careful in my approach as there may be repercussions. It is more a question of 'should I?' rather than of ability to do so. But know I am working on it.



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At what point and by what qualifications, does one become an expert in and on any given subject?

I would argue that it is relative to whatever you consider it as. A simple definition, I suppose, would be 'much more knowledgeable on a subject than most'. Of course, when you consider the vastness of the universe, you have to understand that knowledge of it is just as vast, virtually endless. So unless you have a god-like understanding, no one is an expert. And because it is all connected, how can you say you are an expert on anything. There is no 'one thing', but rather pieces of everything.


If you can see his persistent referral to his book as something other than promoting it, please explain it to me.

I think I have an answer to this. Although I haven't read the book, I am guessing that he sees the same thing as I do.


Everyone interested in the subject of time travel is reading and studying, searching for that set of circumstances that will definitively prove it is real. The thing is, unless you take an approach of an expansive view of things, you can't see it.


You see, evidence/proof of time travel is everywhere. You just have to know how and what to look for. So many people cannot see the forest for sake of the trees in the way.


Think of it like connecting the dots. If you have only connected a few dots, you only see a couple of lines. But as you connect more dots, a picture begins to form. Once you have connected them all, the picture is very clear. You have to see it in everything rather than something.


I suspect the reason he refers people to his book is because it isn't as simple as being able to explain it in a forum within a few, or even several posts. It is simply WAY too big. He has already take the time and investment of putting it together in 300 pages, thus his answer is to 'read the book'.


Why would he want to needlessly and repeatedly go through the trouble of trying to explain it when he has already done his best in book form? As far as the profit is concerned, I don't think it is unreasonable to try to make up for the investment he has made thus far. And I suspect that, to him, it is more about the search for answers, truth about the world we live in.



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Everyone interested in the subject of time travel is reading and studying, searching for that set of circumstances that will definitively prove it is real..


Not quite true in my case.

Can you provide 1 piece of incontrovertible evidence of time-travel for me to evaluate/assess?



Yes. I am confident I can do so to the satisfaction of many. However, it may lead to serious issues. That is my fear, anyway.


I cannot say for sure, but I fear that I may have already unwittingly caused harm to others, simply for lack of understanding and appreciation of how this stuff works. It is enormously complex and very sensitive in nature.


One problem is that it is not so easy to only prove one thing as it is all connected. Think 'butterfly effect' and 'Pandora's Box'. As much as I would love to satisfy curiosity, I don't want to cause harm to anyone, either directly or indirectly...myself, family and friends included.


Another issue is that Knowledge is Power, and knowledge in the wrong hands can be used to do evil.


Consider this:


Hypothetically speaking, If an entity in the future with time travel were to discover a valuable enough or key piece of information from the past, it could essentially travel to a previous past and act as to cause harm for it's own selfish evil purposes.


For now, I think it is wise to be very careful.



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First, thanks alot for some very interesting posts.

Thank you for the appreciation of my time.


Under what circumstances would someone be "allowed" to figure it out?

Generally speaking, anyone that doesn't already know will likely have a one hell of a time figuring it out.


Also, are you able to say how you determined this is the case?



Do you happen to know of anyone right now that has been "allowed"?

I am working on it.


BTW...what is the significance of the name Aeternam Triticus?

I am being blatant, facetious, guile-ish, resentful and, hopefully, self destructive in reference to other references of something found all throughout history....behavior that I understand isn't exactly unexpected from someone who is, as someone once suggested, 'imbalanced'.



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