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Jim croche and other random things


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I really dont like this new site. It looks and works like crapon android and it wont work period on psp.

And yeah, jim croche pwns all.


Btw, whered the I.p.s go?




Try this link. XenForo has an Android app for the forum software.


Announcing Forum Runner - XenForo iPhone/iPad/Android App! | XenForo Community


BTW: I frequently run the forum on my Kindle Fire. The OS is an special Android Gingerbread build for Amazon and it works great. Anyway the Forum Runner Android app might help.


There are things about the new forum software that I don't like (one being the search engine for lold posts only allows searches going back to 1-FEB-2007 but the database goes back to 1999. And the search engine only allows forward searches from a past date - "newer than." There is no backwards search from today's date - "older than."



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