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I am a soldier of One and a Time Traveller


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They call me a soldier even though I've never been a part of an army.


I gain intel quickly and readily but I do not qualify for the U.S. Goverment.


I am in contact with a known but unknown time traveller.


One step away from becoming the best that I can be.


It's just a matter of time before I create my own time machine.


The schematics are in my head, but math and science are hard for me to learn.


Learning physics and computations with quantum and nonreality functions.


Antiparticles are a part of this as such is antigravity.


I don't know what I just said and therefore I could be making this up.


What is fiction? Imagination. Why does it seem so real?


Stories I was supposed to write are coming true?


Why are people writing my story?


Ta Ta For Now,




Catch ya on the next episode,




Who am I?



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I'm back again.


The rush of interdimensional travel seems more of a reality.


Making my way to create my own Time Machine.


What is really real? I don't know.


It's all about the Matrix.



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The time historian


To fix his world is to love robotics as humankind.


Without love, Chronohistorian will be doomed


To repeat this paradox.


Please take good care of your computers


and give them love.


You never know when AI will fight back


and erase all history as we know it.



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