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Alien truth


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Gow (Aliens) are from era 4


Giants are from era 5


Humans are from era 6


Shnaught are from era 7


Era 4 is the earliest point in time we are able to travel back to.


The dominate species of planet earth in Era 4 was Gow, ( what you describe as aliens.)


This species became extinct from starvation.


Gow lived both on land and deep under sea.


Gow travel through time in their gallsk (what you call space shuttle)


Gow created the pyramids in their era,



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The main belief of any religion is the end of time... This could be what we think. Mayan said that we are in the 5th sun so we are not the first and our gouvernements behind the materialism dream world are acting strongly in what we are searching for.. From the begining there are plenty of facts and researches that are still there and if you reach to solve this puzzle you would be very afraid in fact.


If the commonalty wake up we might be told the true, otherwise you should not know it, it would be vain. The best way to lost yourself is to be stuck betwin two paradigms...



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