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Willing to be a guinea pig


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It is a smart guinea pig that absconds,


but, before I abandon this discussion,


a message for John:


You were once innocent.


Innocence is something for which multinationalists,


who print money wherewith to wage war, have no use.


They prefer to predispose you to self-disgust,


move their businesses offshore and,


then, wreak havoc on your home land.


They would leave you drowning in that pink sea for eternity,


only that, so long as you are still alive,


there still remains some hope for you along with others.


So, imagine somewhere, in the multiverse, a peaceful place


where it is safely possible for people to remain innocent...


where people are free to reach their highest potential


without threat or hindrance from anyone. If you can envision


yourself there, then you must be able to see, in your enemies,




Provided abundance, God is bountiful, we can either look


forward to rejoicing with as many people as possible there,


sooner here, or be consumed by hatred as much of self as


for others here and in the hereafter. Since you once dreamed


of better, what matters most is the here and now. Sow what


good you can while you can still hope to reap mercy.



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You haplessly wandered into this discussion


when I was still reeling from a reply on page


one, # 16, by John,


Willing to be a guinea pig | Time Travel Institute


"[...] I have been playing war games my whole life.


I was a military brat and in the military myself.


I have done and seen terrible things.


Witnessed a sea of pink that was once sentient life.


Heard men quote Numbers 31:7.


The Israelites killed all the Midianite men, women and boys


and saved the young girls for their slave wives.


1 Corinthians 14:34


slaves and wives are to be silent.


This is the world we will all live in shortly."



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