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TimeTravel_0 returns


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I believe you. Say, john titor, would you like to volunteer for testing at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center? We're low on test subjects, and you would make an excellent test subject.


Why would you believe him when he is not being truthful? TimeTravel_O didn't have a password. At the time that he was posting on this site we weren't required to register thus we didn't have to have passwords or a requirment to have fixed user names. It was about the time that he started posting as "John Titor" on Post-2-Post (early 2001) that MOP required us to register. The problem with people hijacking user names and making false posts using those names started in 1999 when we were still hosted on Xone and got out of hand by early 2001. Registration brought the problem somewhat into control.


Titor purposely came to this site because he didn't have to register. Here's Titor's second post. It clearly shows his unregistered status and his reasoning for remaining unregistered. Note that Pamela was a registered poster as denoted by the "Member" text next to her name. She is offering to post pictures for him because at that time we could not upload files to this BBS.




unregistered posted 02 November 2000 08:55




Is there a site where I don't need to register personal information to post pictures?


IP: Logged




Member posted 02 November 2000 12:26




Time travel_0-


Iam registered on Doc's site.


you can send it to me and I will post it for you.and if you want you can always set up a new e-mail account and only use it once.


There may be a site where you could post the picture with no info but I personally don't know of any. because of what people would put up with no accountability.


any other info you give will remain confidential . besides your IP address is already logged on this forum when you post. I'll help you out if you want.or you could just e-mail Doc yourself Im sure he would put it up for you without registering.just explain the situation to him. I feel he is very trustworthy. Actually he posted someone elses picture annonymously that claimed he built a time machine. his name was "director". thats it.





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You are not a very good imposter, and you certainly don't pay attention that there is a forum for time travel claims. Hence, I am moving this to the TT Claims forum and deleting your one-word "hello" post.


You could stand to be alot more tolerant and alot more civil. Cynicism is one thing. BE CYNICAL. still, Be be of the mind to give a person some rope first ,before you hang em. You prejudge everyone. Quite negatively too. I am not even saying you made the wrong choice here.


I just think you acted to swiftly and harshly and that it might of benefited us all if you had exercised some temperance and patience.


Of course this is all coming from me so god knows what you'll take it for.



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