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Project Blackswift/Aurora


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My car got stuck in November on my way home from work at 2 am . I was 3 miles from home and knew I couldn't make it back to my place even If I got my car unstuck so I decided to walk home. It was a really clear night and the stars were awesome above me, when I saw what looked like a meteor fall and a few seconds later right behind the first another, but they were moving kind of slow for meteors. At first they were just as brite as any meteor I have ever viewed, but as they dimmed they both continued to glow enough to see, then to my amazement they started blinking like regular aircraft with white ,red and green lights.


I have heard about the DARPA project Blackswift and the Aurora and believe with reports on utube of something strange docked at the space station, and of my own eye witness account that the spacecraft is real and being kept secret.


What would it do to the entire space and travel industry in general if a reliable craft could be made that takes off from an airstrip, uses almost no fuel, and can go into space? I am refering to a cesium/xray, air breathing pulse detonation engine. The xrays cause a nuclear reaction in the cesium that heats the air to provide additional thrut. so while in the atmosphere the engine needs not carry any fuel it gets all its thrust from the air it intakes with the fuel on board being saved for when it reaches space.






What the government usually has is a lot more advanced than what is published on the internet but by putting together the patents and research reports of results from pde engines, and observations from citizens I see why the space shuttle was scrapped.





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