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Causality-Violating Singlets Research


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I was sure that this article would have already been posted and discussed here on the forum, but can't seem to find it. In fact, it might relate to the pop-sci misinterpretation of other research that we discussed on this other thread before.


This paper seems to predict observance of a particle called a Higgs Singlet that would appear to travel backwards in time within the Large Hadron Collider. To my knowledge, it has not yet been observed. Interesting concept, and I'd love to hear @Darby 's take on this research. I suppose that only time and experimentation will reveal whether this idea bears relevance. If so, it could theoretically provide a way to send information to the past.


Paper (original 2011, most recently revised March 2014) - http://arxiv.org/pdf/1103.1373v4.pdf


Comment - http://arxiv.org/pdf/1302.1711v4.pdf



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