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Relativity waves


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GPS positioning satalites and other sensors used by NASA and other gov agencies have been monitoring relatavistic wave events . the events disrupt comunications by distorting the time between satalites . I hace contacted SETI and other organisations and suggested the events should really be monitored more than they are now because there are all sorts of things we can find out by relativistic wave enents.


One possibility is to use the events to discover the direction and location of massive solar bodies invisible to current detectors such as a nearby black hole, or dark star which would not be emmiting any radiation at all but would be making gravity waves.


Another posibility is storms cause by the interaction of two massive bodies which could disrupt communications.


An even more interesting notion is that an advanced civilization may use gravity waves for long distance comunication. Any civilization able to use and detect gravity waves would have to be more advanced than we are right now. So by seti monitoring radio waves they might be missing out on the real messages from space, that could be hidden in the wave phase modulation caused by gravity waves. It would be a constant static when heard using the equipment they are using right now, but a possible clear signal when they check the time dialation of the recieved radio waves.


Any thoughts people?





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