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I've been experiencing chronesthesia. It has had a profound effect on me. I have learned a few things from the future about events and about time travel and I'm happy to share these. I am serious and I am open to criticism or other logical explanations.


Remembering the future. 15 Years ago I was driving home and noticed the full moon, it was low in the sky and the time was about 5.45 pm and still daylight. As I drove and glanced at the moon I had a memory, but the memory was of the next day. I didn't realize it was a memory from tomorrow, it occurred as a memory of something that had already happened, my brain couldn't tell the difference between past and future memories. It felt like a memory from yesterday and it wasn't till the following day when these things happened as I had remembered that I realized, hey "I remembered these before they happened", I had been remembering the future. The things that happened were minor occurrences and today all I really remember about the first incident is that I had remember them prior to their occurrence. For a time it sparked a little interest in me about time travel, but, as I became caught up in the day to day mundanities of life it was all forgotten and then...


Jump forward to 2013, I am standing in my kitchen staring out at the ocean in the evening, again the moon is full and its light is cast out across the water. I began to see a number of events and technologies from the future, I have since been able to, under certain conditions, bring on these experiences at will. I am happy to detail these but what I really want to get out while I remember it now is my experience of how time occurs. The past is a wave and so is the future, as the past and the future collide with each other it creates the standing wave that is the present. The past is what was and what might have been and it effects the future. The future is what will be and what might be and it effects the present which then becomes the past. The waves of possibility and inevitability are constantly crashing into out present. The scale of these waves range form possible to inevitable. As possibilities get closer to the now they combine with other waves of possibility to form probability waves which further combine and interact with each other to become inevitability.


Some of the things I have seen and experienced and I can discuss in further detail if there is any interest are listed here I can't say it's all pleasant or how I had imagined or wished it would be. Some of the parts of the way the future is actually offended me but I have been coming to terms with them as they unfold. I don't have a complete detailed picture of the future and have not yet been able to travel at will to a particular time or place all I have been able to do is experience life and memories from the future without much control over them. I hope I can control them one day, why oh why can't I just go to next week and see the winning lotto numbers!


near • there are no cars driven by people in the future, its all drones and they travel at extremely high speed, each drone is aware of the position of all of the members of the swarm.


medium • there is a global government known as i. It is controlled artificial intelligence, it directs and 'protects' humans. I saw this develop from its beginnings to what it became.


far • near speed of light travel in vacuum tunnels which have been made by robotic mobile printers that print magnetic particles in a precise order. Think controlled railgun acceleration of a capsule in a vacuum.


Chronesthesia is very very real, sometimes disorientating disappointing, down right scary but very very real.


Can the future be changed? Its the future set? Well yes and no, think about it this way if you are in the direct path of a train traveling at 500 miles and hour, when the train is 1 inch away from you what are the chances that you can get out of its way? What about a foot? What about a mile? What about stoping the train from departing in the first place? The more information we have about whats coming towards us the more we can change, influence or adapt to it.


Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations. Everything recorded all of the time.


Of course the future effects the past, or at least it did ;)



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Taking it as serious as an internet claim will allow:


The feeling you described in your second paragraph is very close to a well known brain phenomenon called déjà-vu. Nothing new there, the human brain plays major tricks on us.


Now, from "remebering the future" to jumping to near, medium and far future predictions, man, that sounds to me as too much of a stretch.


If you could actually prove you "remembered" something from tomorrow, we could go on from there, but claiming you can see the future based on experiences you had that could have been easily already diagnosed by psychiatry, is just a too far of a jump to be made. In my opinion, that is.


Anyway, feel free to make "closer than near future" predictions and let's see how it goes. What can you remember from tomorrow?



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Psychic visions are real. I've never heard of them being referred to as chronesthesia. Very interesting.

Real to the people seeing them, right? Real as in "It's real that this person is having visions" and not "The visions of this person are real".



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