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Time travel through time dialation and wheels.

time tunnel

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Wheels cause greater time dialation close to their center and less at their outer rims. Here is a diagram of this.http://www.pasteall.org/pic/79853

i get what your trying to say somewhat I believe the concept that your thinking about Is the same concept that is used in a nuclear power plant And also uaed in a centrifuge Because the spinning of things has the tendency of causeing them to age (just like its done to uranium in a nuclear power plant , and like its done to blood in a lab centerfuge in or to seperate it into its prime components Sort of


By the use of artificial and production of artificial gravity And the exertion it has on matters structure Which is that it causes matter to age or break down to its more simple components, I am an inventor a hands on person when it comes to knowing things And yes i do think You are on the right path Cause i can tell You who else is trying to exploit that same concept And this person is R. L. Mallette That physicist from that university of Conecticute (his time machine) And im exploiting the spinning thing to I think its called centripicle force In 3different inventions im working on And all of them could get me killed Thats how serious they are And no i dont know that much about mathematices Cause I like to see the affects of the science that i do with my oun hands right in front of me And not on a piece of paper with a pencil either


Sorry guys theorys, hypothosies, guesses, and assumptions are all good But you need to make sure that you do alot more hands proof Cause it helps you more And the time tunnel Well there is a time machine thats been already built which uses that same concept And if R.L. Mallette gets his built Thought he doesnt know it yet but there are some parts still missing to his machine but he will find out Then there will be two of them But I already know whats going to happen to the second one Its going to be faught over And its ot going to be anything pretty



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