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Hello, I'm John Titor


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John Titor was pretty much debunked himself. If your information spilling on net 14 years ago caused you non needed problems , why do you still do the same thing? Even if that can change future of your so loved country? (you work for army in future)


*remember the 21 beheadings of ' isis , will soon discover that there were many more.* woooah your prediction suprised me so much that we should give you Captain Obvious medal.



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You should at least be smart enough to use the American date format (Month/Day/Year) instead of the Euro date format (Day/Month/Year) because John Titor claimed to be an American, and his command of American English was certainly better than yours. As Darby said, you really need to do a LOT more homework before even the most gullible around here are going to believe you are The Titor.


I remember John Titor saying that the US was part of the American Federation in his time (forgot the name he used but he described it like the European Union). So its quite possible we could be writing dates like the europeans in the future.



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