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Cosmo's on Vacation!


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Hi guys!


I'm flying across the country to visit my family in Oregon for a week tomorrow morning, so I'll be on quite a bit less (or not at all) until Tuesday the 14th.


I'll do my best to check in periodically though and approve posts from new members (new accounts have their first five posts held for moderation) but I'll likely be preoccupied with the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, Seaside, Saturday Market, the Willamette River, Cannon Beach and generally having fun in my home city with my wife and daughter! We're tired of Charlotte and I'm tired of the allergies I have in the south east, so this will be a welcome change and maybe I'll convince the wife to move us all up there soon ;)


We're fortunate that, for the rare exception, this place pretty much runs itself so I'm not worried about what I'll come back to ;) I'm extremely happy to see the way this place has come back to life. Even when you guys disagree, it's done with actual counterpoints and real arguments instead of hateful words - You guys are awesome and I love seeing you all enjoy the place.


Have a great weekend everyone!



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