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Demonstration to on-board general subject here use.


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I know that this seems weird but here is what you all wanted.


You must all first sing the song from Lost Horizionm, Liveing And working togeaher.Do it, dont ask why.


Secondly time travel accidents can look like this.A time traveler materializes with half of his machine in a tree, is laying on the back half unconscious as if this had been a wreck.A large ice cream truck shows up that looks as if to be a gasoline tanker, however is full of ice cream and people are handing out free icecream cones to the people viewing the wrecked time machine.


Now the president of the United States shows up and has a set of tapdancing shoes he's wearing and starts to tapdance for everybody on a portable stage.Everyone is amused by this as everybody there is told that this is all normal...Now that you've all read this and understand what was written we'll go onto the next step.


I need an assistant.They one who is kind of portly in description, I will let you help on stage with this example.


In front of you is a pole about the same height as a telephone pole."Do you see that assitant"?Assistant nods yes.


The next step is do you see a thick syrupy liquid coming out of the top of that pole?..Assistant nods yes.


Okay, assistant, do you see anything else funny about that pole?Assistant looks very closely at the pole and answers, "yes and this is quite odd, there is a stream of that thick liquid flowing up the pole but not down the pole as the rest is"?!..The host tells the assistant, You don't see that.


Okay last step as this is an archival info spot in the making, does how this board and how a big government we all know relate to the bashing of statues in Iraq?..A hand is raised from the audience and someone says, I think that it has to do with a socioeconomic tie between big government and Iraq, but I can't just put this into words right now..The host says your very correct but also your definatly wrong, however eat this artificially flavoured package of crackers that I'm throwing you, as you've earned it.


Conclusion; everyone is looking mystified at each other as they understood the lecture, but then again did not understand it.


The host goes into a large cardboard box and from it hands out a white scrolled diploma that says you are a graduate of time travel school.This diploma plus a beanie cap and a colorful air driven pinwheel placed on a stick.How the pin wheel works is that you can either run, wallf or just drag the finned wheel through the air and this will turn the wheel.Makes pretty colors when it's turned.


*WARNING no plastic whistles were given out as a part of this planned demonstration.Do not ask me why, just simply observe this fact.


I hereby decree that who has attended this meting is now a posting site qualified time travel expert and you may all now egress to the sign marked as EXIT.Thank you all very much and thank you for attending. This has been given as a freebie as many of you do not understand time travel.



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