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Hello to all my fellow Time Travellers - Yes! We all do it


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Memory is essential for learning and remembering. We all have good memories, bad memories, scary memories and insignificant memories but memories none the less.


Science has come up with a name for time travelling back to those memories, they call it Chronesthesia or episodic time travel.


I believe the past is still there and the future is preordained. One day, when we can travel at the speed of light, we will be able to visit the past and the future; a memory is just a dimension in time. The grandfather paradox has been decimated by the, Many World Interpretation. (Biocentric Multiverse)


The speed of a light is 5.8 trillion mph or 186,000 miles per second; however, I theorise there is a less complicated way of travelling inter-stellar. SiFi writers have suggested worm holes in space and those deep thinkers are usually the path finders.


We create memories every day. Perhaps someone who made a good impression, a new experience or a new taste that becomes comfort food. Music or a song that becomes entwined with the memory of a time, place or person. We need only hear the song or piece of music and the memory is recalled.


We also find the concept of time travel captivating yet we do it every second of every day. Thoughts of the moment are immediately consigned to the past. We are continually moving from the present to the future and leaving the past behind. We can only imagine the future but the past is built on memories.


If we think about it, consider it, it makes sense. Life is all about convenience, probability and chance. There are many outcomes to the many situations in a life. What we are living is a fortuitous, serendipitous existence.


There is a hypothesis in quantum physics known as, ‘the many world interpretation’.


A multiverse, an infinite number of universe containing parallel worlds. Each parallel world contains all possible alternatives to the outcome of one’s life. For example there is a world in which dinosaurs never became extinct. Another world where we married a different person and even a world in which we won lotto; not forgetting a world into which we are not born….that gets rid of the grandfather paradox.


Alternative lives to the life we are living now; all things are possible.


The snowball effect would have an enormous effect on the tiniest, change of mind, over a lifetime. If you married a different person you would have different children or no children at all!


The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle said, “Memory is the scribe of the soul” and that is a beautiful poetic reflection of the mind, and so true.


Cambridge Professor of Cosmology, Sir Arthur Eddington stated: “The Universe is not only stranger than we imagine, but much stranger than we can imagine”.


Daily, science is witnessing the truth in that quote, we have still to realize the truth in what we have yet to imagine.


Sadly the flat earth thinkers are still out there, the fools who haven’t the sense to step outside the box and look to the future.


As humanity continues its push towards extinction. Their excess and greed blinds them to the fact that global warming is happening now. To those fools I say, whatyou are lacking in intelligence, you more than make up for in stupidity.


Are we alone in the multiverse?


It would be a very presumptuous fool to answer that question in the negative; time travellers from the future are probably amongst us now?


Our own galaxy, the milky-way, is a 100,000 Light Years across and contains billions of planets.


Look at the night sky, unpolluted by light, and you will see an unfathomable number of stars…. Stars are suns and suns have planets.


Are we alone in the multiverse?


I say absolutely not. It maybe life as we know it, on the other hand it maybe a new form of life. That life could be thousands, perhaps millions of years ahead of us technologically and intellectually. If that is the case they are not interested in earthlings; everything they need is at their omnipotent finger tips; that’s assuming they have fingers?


The multiverse is teeming with life and perhaps it will visit us again and give us a definitive explanation of how and why they built the pyramids and all the other monoliths on our planet.


Scientists and intellectuals are now telling us death is an illusion and I believe that. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/biocentrism/201111/is-death-illusion-evidence-suggests-death-isn-t-the-end


I believe the reason for life is for the getting of wisdom. We will reincarnate as a different person and the level of that new life will depend on the level of wisdom we have accrued through each new incarnation.


I have borrowed the term, ‘Self-actualization’ from the theorist Abraham Maslow’s, ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ to describe the final incarnation, when we will become omnipotent.


In The Beginning Man Created God and that was a big mistake.


I can’t prove there is no god no more than anyone can prove there is a god; therefore, I am an unbeliever and I’m happy with that.


Homo-sapiens are said to have been on earth 195,000 years. Christianity has only been around for about 3,000 years and Muslims a lot less than that? Where was the all-seeing, all knowing god for the other 192,000 year’s? I agree, there is someone who knows everything I’ve done, said, thought and considered and that person is me!


Please don’t be offended, the god bit is just my opinion and I am a conglomerate of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur potassium, chloride and other chemicals.


I am not in your head, I am just a creation of your brain and senses of sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch.


We create our own reality, and it is all an interpretation of the brain.



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You speak/type a lot of words, but don't actually say anything as such; that's quite a feat. For brevity's sake, can you summarise the point you wish to make?

Memories are dimensions in time and we will be able to travel back and forward in time to those memories but not with conventional rocketry.

The grandfather paradox has obliterated by the many world interpretation (the Biocentric hypothesis).


We are all time travellers to the future, and we will continue to move to the future for every iota of the time we exist.


With billions of planets in our galaxy I am not presumptions enough to say we are alone in space. Life in the multiverse is thriving, so I believe.


Life is eternal but mortality isn't.


I write a lot words in an attempt to make my post interesting.


I do hope the explains what I was trying to say?



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Memories are dimensions in time and we will be able to travel back and forward in time to those memories but not with conventional rocketry.

I understand this point, but I should point out that your assertion does not apply to all. My mother is currently living with Alzheimer's disease, and she is incapable of mustering memories from her past, as they are simply NOT there.


We are all time travellers to the future, and we will continue to move to the future for every iota of the time we exist.





Like I said, people with any form of dementia, such as Lewy Bodies, Alzheimers or Vascular dementia etc will more likely than not have any concept of the past, present or future. So while we (the people who are not living with Dementia) recognise and are aware that tomorrow awaits us; that 2016 awaits us etc, this is not always true of people with dementia.


Memories are dimensions in time...



I would respectfully disagree. Memories are just the storage and remembrance of information/past experiences by an individual, much like the pages in a book. These pages can be ripped out and discarded forever, at any given time. Addtionally, time is regarded as the 4th dimension, so for a dimension to have dimensions (memories) within it, would be pretty weird/non-sensical.


Anyway, having said all that, welcome to the forum.



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I'm really not trying to hurt your feelings about any of this, because you seem like you are having a sincere "eureka moment" or talking about sincere beliefs. But this seems like it should have either more thought to it, or more explanation. "Dimensions in time"? I get that we can 'travel' in our memories, but what do you mean by 'dimensions'. And what are our alternatives to rocketry (which I have no idea how would be used for stand-alone time travel, anyway)?


Also, the Grandfather Paradox is still very valid, since it is a problem that assumes the many-worlds interpretation is either untrue or not relevant for time travel (i.e., it won't save our bacon if we do something dumb). And I am not sure why you start talking about life in the universe, since no matter whether there is alien life out there, there most certainly is life in our past (and, hopefully, our future).


I think most of all I'm sort of wondering what you're getting at. Is there a message you want us to understand, or something you want to debate? I feel like someone just told me a million things in 5 seconds, but forgot to tell me why they told me those things.


(Also, writing a lot of text is not automatically more interesting. Content is king, and Context is queen).



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