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Is time travel to the past possible!


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No theories concerning to future please.I only wanna know about the past



The correct answer to your question is we do not currently have a viable solution to General Relativity that allows time travel to the past. Note the emphasis on viable. Technically there is a large number of mathematical solutions to General Relativity that allow time travel to the past. In the real world, however, you have to take into account all of the effects that occur when you implement the solution and not just cherry pick the "good parts" because you like them.


To date every such solution runs up against a wall that negates its usability (blue walls, collapsed throats to wormholes, mouths of wormholes forever lay in the future light cone of the would be time traveler thus preventing entry into the hole, the assumptions about the world in the theory does not describe our universe, etc.). Stephen Hawking has proposed the Chronology Protection Conjecture. Yes, it is a conjecture, not a theory. Hawking has noticed that every theory meets the above walls and has humorously given the conjecture the name because it appears to him that we might naively conclude that the universe conspires against time travel to the past.


But its not just him joking and tossing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. It's real physics behind the humorous title. Hawking goes a long way toward pointing out the impediments to each known solution. Rather than me listing all of them I suggest that you Google Chronology Protection Conjecture and discover the information for yourself. It's more satisfying that way and you don't run the risk of me adding editorial notes to the explanation. :)


Does this mean that it is impossible to travel to the past? No. It just means that we haven't a clue about how to do it, if in fact it can be done at all.



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