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May 2015 – updated Aug 2, 2015


Star Wars (Episode 7 &8)


  1. R2 and C3PO if not also another droid in a similar situation to being captured by Jawas on a Sand Crawler. Similar situation. Near start of one of the films.
  2. Staff carried by Ridley's character is Darth Plagueis's Staff
  3. Darth Plagueis involvement in new trilogy or often referred to.
  4. Ewok on M. Falcon in either 7 or 8. During combat too.
  5. Chrome Trooper is Actress from Game of Thrones Gwend C. (already revealed as true)
  6. Female major character overseeing First Order at one point
  7. Jawa-like character with mask thing is more than a background character – while and after they leave the area with diverse aliens
  8. Rebel Forces (or similar) take a base pretty quick
  9. There's a lot with bases and ground battle with ships rather than in space..through most of the film
  10. Troops vs Troops is part of an operation gone a bit wrong...resistance of some sort dressed as Troopers. (not the plot idea many predict online)
  11. Chewy and Finn friendship. Chewy gets wounded.
  12. Skywalker a hermit..some sort of ritual thing.
  13. Fight with Caped robotic guy in forest - Rey
  14. Millennium Falcon Destroyed or very badly damaged (perhaps in a later film than #7) (can be just a force vision as well and they act to prevent it) Either way Falcon will be seriously damaged at some point.
  15. Falcon/Han goes back to Imperial Academy location or talk about Imperial Academy
  16. V-shuttle related to operation aboard Imperial-like ship. Probably not called a V-shuttle
  17. Poe Dameron or similar person dual wielding blasters.
  18. Trilogy concerns more than just Imperials. More Sith involvement But more in 8 and 9.
  19. Rushing to the Falcon in 1st film (7) characters running right to left when Falcon in shot.
  20. There's less family ties than fans/rumors say and slightly different relations as well
  21. Snow planet seen in trailer is not Hoth and may not be of the entire planet – Some planets in the lore have snow areas and grassy areas.
  22. Ep 7 or 8 Rebels take or defend a base where there is snow and Luke or other character joins in to help out at the last minute.
  23. Something about a shield or power generator involved in final base battle
  24. Not sure if the base they are defending or trying to take is snowy or not. Definitely some forest/water, May have some snow.
  25. Beefier ATAT(s) may not be referred to as an ATAT.
  26. Ending revolves around a battle for a base. Luke and Liea talking outside after battle
  27. Fin (black kid), Chewy and other supporting characters on separate story thread and this is where they run into a fluffy head of nothing but hair and goggles alien. A similar alien will be in a war room/ control room on the good guy's side I think.
  28. In the control/war room with similar nothing but fur headed alien is also an Ewok. Near in frame
  29. Trailer scene with Ties and smoke is from the base battle
  30. V shuttle-looking ships do fight and shoot in a bit of space battle, but most of the battles are planet-side in Episode 7
  31. Chewy shoots at Tie Fighter with his Crossbow weapon
  32. X Wing scene in trailer over water is them attacking walkers and tie fighters. Only 2% sure on this one. Probably during the main end battle.
  33. In Either 7,8 or 9...Leia or some other female character uses Force push or something to disable/throw down a handful of Troopers.
  34. Old Lando at some point in the trilogy (What did you do to my ship? Etc.)
  35. **Millennium Falcon aerial shot leaving bunkers in grassy area after having to rush to the Falcon. Possibly one of the last shots of one of the films. X Wings parked below close to when credits roll (7 or 8)
  36. **Millennium Falcon docking at port near ocean area...very nice shot...left to right..big ocean splashes. Perhaps in second film of the new trilogy.
  37. Inquisitors are a major part of the films (already a given)
  38. **Wookie rips off arm(s) of an inquisitor – likely in a later film
  39. In one of the films or Anthology films – Force lightning on planet surfer in small melee sort of battle – either snow or sand. Probably sand.




Bonus: Could Anikan still somehow be alive? At some point in either the trilogy or one of the anthology films in the next few years Darth Vader yells out “I am Anikan Skywalker!” Just a total shot in the dark with that one.


By: Richard D. Green



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