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411 in Back to the Future Movies


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This is a direct copy off my website, but I thought people may want to discuss this. Enjoy.




Back to the Future is an incredible set of time travel movies produced by Stephen Spielberg. Many already know about the very credible and eerie theory that 9/11 was predicted in the first movie, and if you haven’t heard that theory, I will provide the video at the end of this blog. I decided to take it upon myself to study these movies myself and take a few notes. My results aren’t quite as conclusive as the person who made the 9/11 video. I have a tendency to be disorganized, which is why I haven’t made my own video concerning this topic. At any rate, although it is up to interpretation, I personally believe that Donald Trump’s presidency and some type of murder is predicted in Back to the Future II. Again, I apologize for being vague, but I will try to explain further. After all, if the first movie made a prediction, why wouldn’t the other two?


First, I will reference the first movie. As I watched Back to the Future, enjoying it immensely might I add, I was looking for the 9/11 references but found a few 411 references. In the very first scene, one of Doc’s devices has a red label that says 411. Later, Marty receives a phone number from Jennifer after camping and the clock tower says 10:04. Further more, if you take the date of November 5, 1955 that is mentioned throughout the movie, 9+5 = 14 (as seen in the year 1955). If that isn’t enough for you, take note that the infamous lightning strike of the clock tower also occurred at 10:04pm, which is why it was stuck there to begin with. More 411’s.


Does this seem far fetched? Let’s take a look at Back to the Future II. The first thing I noticed was the mall sign and clock in the beginning of the movie. The sign says Lone Pine Mall, due to timeline changes, and the time says 1:34. This may be pushing it a little, but 1+3=4, correct? It gets better. Again, I noticed the clock tower after Marty’s hover board adventure still stuck on the time of 10:04. Last, George McFly’s grave had the date of April 1, 1938. April = 4. 1+9 = 10. 3+8 = 11. There’s the 411. Last but not least, we must consider the Back to the Future II release date of November 22, 1989. November = 11. 2+2=4. 411. That concludes the 411’s I’ve found in both videos. Don’t be discouraged, because I noticed something pretty amazing.


In Back to the Future II, Biff becomes rich, runs a casino, etc. Does this remind you of someone? Did you notice his hair color? Two words. Donald Trump. Was Spielberg letting us know that Donald Trump was going to do something significant in our future? Is he going to win the 2016 presidency? Yes, it’s all up to interpretation, but I found this one pretty obvious. Now, how do we tie in 411 and Donald Trump? Is something going to happen on either April 11 or November 4 during his presidency? George McFly was murdered in this movie. Will someone important be murdered, or is that fact irrelevant? Is the name George significant? These are things I don’t know and can only speculate.


Back to the Future II also contains another mystery, the number 9. Two backwards 9’s appear in the smoke above the Delorean once in the movie and a hotel at the end of the movie contained the number 9. I do not know the significance of these, but Spielberg must have put them in for a reason.


Are the Back to the Future Movies more than just fascinatingly entertaining films? Was Spielberg instructed by someone to put these messages into the movies? I will let you decide. I’ve provided the evidence for my theory and below is the video that someone created about 9/11 being predicted in the first movie. Consider these food for thought and tools for thinking. Does Hollywood know more than they let on?


Random 9's in BTTF2:




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