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Broken Time: How Time Works in my Story

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If you havent yet, i recommend you look at my posts at then end of the "I Am From The Future" topic, because you will have no idea what im talking about.


Ok, now since the story doesnt take place on earth, we cant use Days, months, or years. Instead, i used Cycles, Full Cycles, and Great Cycles.


Cycle=15 Hours on Earth


Full Cycle=50 Cycles


Great Cycle=100 Full Cycles


(that sounds like an old math problem from algebra, dont it?)


To write a date, you write the current cycle(1-50), the number of Full Cycles(1-10) and the current Great Cycle number(Inf-Inf)


When the earlyest man started recording time, he started at 1/1/0


and recorded each day afterward. In relation to when Vertigo escaped his prison in the military base, it was 37/4/538


Remember: Current Cycle / Full Cycles / Great Cycles


There wont be a way to mesure time in smaller units like seconds or hours, because with the cycle system, they saw no use.


Now, for the Time Traveling part,


As described, there are two ways to Travel: The White Warrior Armor, or the Shaver Bracelets


The Armor, when used, will let you stay somewhere infinitly and indefinatly, even after u take off the armor.


The Shavers will only let you stay somewhere for a MAXIMUM of one cycle(15 hours our time) and then you get snapped back to where you came from.


In my story, Time works like a rope that Streches infinitly in each direction. A Flame goes down the line slowly, burning it.


There are three "Time Zones"


Past Time, Current Time,and Future Time.


Current Time is considered the time your in right now. current time changes all the time.Current Time will change by fractions of a millisecond. Its constantly refreshing itself.


As long as you havent time traveled in your life, your in current time, and no matter what happens with other people altering travel, you will stay the same. Ill exsplane later.


Past Time is anything that happened before current time.


Future Time: anything that is happening after current time. Future time shapes itself according to Current Time. For instance, if you devoted one cycle to being artistic, then your future will show you trying art and eithor failing or becoming popular. It alters itself untill it knows what to do just before that moment becomes Current Time.


(well if this were true, it would exsplane my Visions of the future.too bad)


Now, lets say i Time Travel for the first time. If i alter something important, nobody should know who HASNT time traveled yet. When you travel, it alters reality and creates a second time frame that your changes live in(if you alter something important)


Now, if time sees that there is duplicates of the same time frame, it will just send you to one. For instance.


Your friend goes back in time and kills an old man, and creates the alternate reality where the old man is dead. Then, YOU go back and kill the same old man at very close to the time your friend did it. After he dies, your friend should appear out of nowhere.




Time relized that the man in you and your friends alternate time line died at almost the same time, so insted of starting a new time line for yourself, you go to the one your friend was in and started.


when you travel to the past or future, you are in the original time frame UNTILL YOU MAKE A BIG CHANGE.


Once you have traveled into an alternate reality once, the only way to get back to the origonal is to go back to BEFORE you traveled, and then stop yourself from altering it, so that time thinks your still in the main timeline.(just like in the brothers example)


Ill draw up some charts and things later, like on sunday to show you all what im talking about.



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You got to stop doing this to me with your story! YOUR KILLING ME with suspense and each time it gets more thrilling and suspenseful! You don't know what happens to a woman when pushed to the edge??? Its like watching Ricki Lake and Wrestling! ;)


Your progressional time theories pulls me into the story, and just in the little paragraphs that you wrote I find my mind willing my eyes to read faster so I can grasp more! The plot is twisting into a dramatic tension leaving me to question the narrator once more???





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Haa Haa!!!


COME ON! RIGHT NOW! WHISKER TO WHISKER!!! I go straight for the throat! I have an unrivalled paw and a curved claw borrowed from the rose tree. I'll stifle out any oxygen you got left in your trachea!


Do I detect a subtle hint of jealousy?





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Haha, don't make me laugh :) .


I'm not jealous for you spacer.png. I already have a hot-beautiful girlfriend to worry over about :) .


But if you want to wrestle with the TTA, just bring it!


But there is something you need to know: I was MVP in my high school JV wrestling team :) . I was a skinny little 10th grader, beating up on big 18 year old seniors :p . I don't think a little kitty cat like yourself will be much of any challenge up against the BIG BAD (but good) TTA ;) .





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heh. If anybody is jelous of me, it should be people writing bad or poor novels.


This single story could be the start of a bigger picture, such as George Lucas and Star Wars.


By the way, cat, that one email u sent me with 6 attachments filled up my Hotmail Box. Could you try not to send me each file three times?


And yes, in your emails, your right. i have no clue about that site. Im just a simple kid with a fairly good story(i would say Excellent story, but i do agree with TTA that i shouldnt get a big head.


Oh, and TTA: Do you remember me from about a year ago? i came on here saying i needed a way(for a story) for Four Kids to accendentaly Time Travel? If you do, Respond.



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No Vertigo, I can't stay I do remember. My memory is a little bad this week/or year spacer.png.


But thanks for having a lot of respect for me :) . The feeling is mutual.


I have been reading over your story, and it sounds promising. I especially like themes with elemental magic in them. Reminds me of RPG games that I like to play.


Keep up the good work. Make sure you let us read what you got, when your done ;) .





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I'm sorry Vertigo for the compact emails. Like I said I tried to send it in one email but it was returned mail saying your email only held the capacity for so many bytes. So what I did was separate the email into 4 different emails and send them off separately so that I could trick your email box into excepting it.


Regarding your time travel concepts in your posting above I like the explanation of:


Do you know that in the European countries they write their dates backwards. They put the year first. Its really backwards and screwed up and confusing as all hell especially when your a visiting tourist. They also use military time on top of everything.


Your friend goes back in time and kills an old man, and creates the alternate reality where the old man is dead. Then, YOU go back and kill the same old man at very close to the time your friend did it. After he dies, your friend should appear out of nowhere.>


Isn't this what happened in the movie Frequency with Harrison Ford at the very end. He comes back to save his son from the bad guy killing him. Well maybe there is a similarity of this occurring in our lives on a daily basis through Dejavu. We are right there next to our replica twin dimension and some how just like radio station frequencies sometime have interference from another stations fizzling in and out or a chip or wire in the circuitry of the radio is malfunctioning. This is called bleedthrough and during these times we have dejavu.


I have also heard that studies on Dejavu could be caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain, similar to schizophrenia which is in the blood. But in a sense isn't this the same as a radio malfunction? So that's telling us that there is some sort of interference. And where is this interference coming from? THE FUTURE? There are many conspiracies and secrets regarding the study of Dejavu that our government is hiding and covering up from the general public. And why?


Well of course exposing the truth about TIME TRAVEL! Could you imagine if truth and technology of this leaked out? The first would be last and the the rich would be poor! and the few innocent would suffer for the many!


I think this technology is already available to the powerful elite! And the government only tells us what THEY WANT US TO KNOW!


Vertigo, If I haven't stressed this to you yet through my past posts that I am against the workings of Time Travel! And that it reeks havoc on humanity! I am here to EXPOSE its truths and to DEMOTE it! Its good to know your just after a good riveting story and that's all.


Stories and movies have freedom of speech and place the seed of thought in our minds. and isn't it amazing how theories of technologies in the movies hold amazing truths to the future.




P.S. I'd like to take a look at your charts.



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i knew from the start that your against Time Traveling, but this story isnt just about time traveling. Its about a feud between families, Government Projects gone wrong, and so on.


If its any consolation, im planning on having Vertigo turn good after the second book, where he finally relizes there is no use in changing the past. He then creates an Alternate Reality so he can change his search for his father, and not get the metal skin that was a blessing for the wicked and a curse for the pure....damn i made that sound good spacer.png


I might change the time travel thing, because if vertigo DOES go back and change something, he will start an alternate reality. I need some way for his Reality to Phaze in and Out of ours, like our timelines keep spiriling in and out of each other.


and ill try to make those charts and get them up sometime. i need somewhere to host them.



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Vertigo, We can always use a good author!


We need somebody to exspose and incorporate the real truths about Time Travel and how it's intermingled in our lives into a Time Travel saga story. And the outcome of its implications and devastation on humanity.


You posted:


Well aint that the truth! We live in a world were we are comfortable and live ignorantly and under the guise of our government. There are so many secrets that transpire behind our backs. No one person knows them all, not even our president. We could certainly sleep better without knowing them. But its unfortunate as well as a blessing that there are a few elite that have this burden placed upon their shoulders and live with the guilt and responsibility of keeping these Time Travel Transfers moderated on a daily basis. (which I have reason to believe really transpires in "real time" at the present moment.) They know they are being counted on and hold the utmost responsibility of the millions of people that don't even know them personally or have a clue as to their purpose! Well, Maybe you can make Vertigo smart enough in your story to break those chain of events.


You then posted:




If its any consolation, im planning on having Vertigo turn good after the second book, where he finally realizes there is no use in changing the past.>


That is so true in the respect that no matter how we manipulate time it comes around and catches up with us. I call it time being "counterintuitive". Meaning the memories will bleed through in the form of Dejavu. So if time was changed and we had no recollection of it in one dimension or time reality the intuition of that person in all the replica time realms would have some sort of insight from their future or past self's. It could also be called filling in the gaps or weaving time. Because this is how I perceive it as it relates to me.


Vertigo, does this have any relevance to your immediate life? You say he creates an alternate reality so he can change his search for his father? This concept is a revelation of thought. Theoretically speaking if one person were a real TT in reality he would have the ability to direct his future in any given path he chooses. So given the knowledge that Vertigo "not liking the path that his father chooses for him" He sets out to change it in order to make a better more meaningful life for himself in the future. In conceiving this wouldnt you say that it would be very risky in creating a new alternate time path without ever knowing the new direction of the future because it obviously wouldnt be set yet? All episodes of Dejavu would be none exsistant! Wouldn't this be considered true freedom?


How would Vertigo go about this without destroying his identity in his other alternate realities???





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i knew someone would mention this question.


First, a slight change:


Ive decided that only the Shaver Devices will create an alternate time line, while the armor WILL CHANGE CURRENT TIME if it changes the past, because the armor DOES NOT CREATE AN ALTERNATE REALITY, BUT CHANGES THE ORIGONAL!


This makes the Armor even more dangerous.


No, this has no Relevance to my life.


Vertigo was ignored by his father, who was then the co leader of hellfire, and was hopeing that his first son was a Fire element, but Somehow Vertigo was a Storm Element.


Remember: The Future IS set, according to what you do in Current Time. When you time travel to an alternate reality, it sets Current Time to wherever you are. Since your the only person to time travel into this time line, you can do whatever you want, no matter what people in the origonal time line are doing, because it wont effect them. Vertigo's Time Traveling is wreckless, and he ends up changing the origonal time line instead of his own.


To change his destined path, Pyro and One of Pyro's docter friends come up with a Shaver Bracelet made with Fragments of the Armor and Jewel. Now Vertigo can get into an alternate reality, and every time he travels after that, he will only change that reality.


In Vertigo's UNOFFICIAL song,"No Light" By 3rd Strike, it says:


Look away, cause im strange in my mind


Lets make a place for me, so i feel right inside


Lost what is gone, need to know to carry on


if id only see the light, mebby then id be alright


i know they'd rather see me down on my knees then on my feet


tell me whats the world were living in, sometimes it seems so strange.


As you can see, it pretty much fits the story.


Oh, and if your wondering:


Broken Time: Family Issues Theme Song: In The End, By Linkin Park


Broken Time: Eternal Storm Theme Song: Whole, By Flaw


Broken Time: Spark Family Legacy Theme Song: My Generation, By Limp Bizkit


Broken Time: The Book Of Vertigo(Vertigo's Life Story) Theme Song: Tear Away, By Drowning Pool(the first lines are about him escaping the tube in the facility, up to the word Break)


Vertigo's Song(s): And One, By Linkin Park(for First Book)


No Light, by 3rd Strike(Second Book)


Tear Away, By Drowning Pool(The Book Of Vertigo)




Well this would be where Pyro's song goes, but i went to look at the Lyrics for Beat The World, by Pressure4-5, and right below it, the lyrics to a song that sounds like it would fit Pyro.


Let me DL it...


Jacob's song: I Feel So,By Box Car Racer


(still looking at Pressure 4-5 Lyrics)


my GOD! most of these lyrics fit with my story!(DL DL DL)



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Hey would you look at that, you don't even have the book finished much less published yet, but you have the soundtrack for the movie all layed out :) . That's cool man. I been meaning to my imagination into writing and film too. I have this big green chroma key sheet somewhere in a box in my room, which I haven't even used :( . There's just not enough time.


How do you come up with all these ideas?


Do you just dream them up or something?


Your story is sounding pretty good spacer.png.





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Guest Guest

Well, this story was origonaly going to be a game, but then i changed it. So i was looking for a good theme song for it, and then i heard Linkin Park In The End, and i was like"Thats It!"


BTW i was a fan of linkin park and in the end before it was relesed on the radio, unlike some fans who hadnt even HEARD of them before in the end was relesed.


i came up with the base story along time ago, and it was NOTHING like this at all. Vertigo, Pyro, and everything was still unheard of.


Then, about 7 months ago, i made a drastic change that made the story into what it is.


I still have the papers from when my story was just people talking with a note about the scene every once in a while.


Mebby ill get them and type it up for you folks so you can see just how far it has come.


The base idea for the first story was:


Four Kids accidentaly get sucked into a wormhole that puts them into the future, where earth is back to the castle age, but still has some technology left. In order to get home, they needed to find the White Warriors armor, the only device that can control where a Wormhole flows. The armor was spread around.


The four kids found that they were followed by thier Arch Rivals from school, and they join a rival clan.


Oh my how its changed.


Oh, and with all the Books i mentioned above, i forgot one:


Broken Time:Armor Generations


This will be a sequel/tribute to the story above. Thunder(Vertigo's Daughter...hehe...i havent mentioned that yet have i?)


Is now grown up, and her father is Retired from fighting OR hes dead(havent decided) But she is now protecting the armor, and they have found four kids who excell in thier elemental training, and she must train them to be the next keepers of the armor.


Info i havent said yet:


Vertigo and Pyro have kinda a love/hate thing going on. They know each others limits and weaknesses. If they are both in the same place, and one is trying to do something,they will fight, but its much less of a fight as it is a training session.


At one point while thier fighting, the V man will say:


"Why do you try so hard? you do know this isnt the Final Battle"


Pyro"I know, but if you think im trying my hardest, then the advantage when the final battle comes will be mine"


and the last thing for this post: a quote from Vertigo


"The Grass is only Greener on the other side because I put shit like you there"



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