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the voice mail....


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friday night, i was drinking a few cans of lager before i went out, since reading up a lot on time travel the past few weeks, i decided that i would leave a voice mail message on my work phone (knowing that i would get this message on monday morning)saying


" hello, this is you , its friday night. Now i dont know how much money iam going to spend tonight, but you do know, coz you are me, you know things that i dont know yet".


i carried on with the night out and completely forgot about the message i had left myself.


when i got into the office monday morning, i simply picked up my phone and dialled my voice mail, not even thinking about it.....( due to being so drunk i had actually forgotten) then BANG, it hit me, i was speaking to my self in the past. i realise this is no proof of anything new or paranormal, but my god was it strange, it made my head spin, knowing that at that time when i left the message, i had no clue of the events that would occur that night, i knew not of how much money i would spend etc etc. but listening to my self on the message was so weird! i was in theory listening to myself in the past, a time that has now gone forever, but i managed to grab a hold of that time and re-live it.


i know that this is silly but it really makes you think about time and its complexities.


iam finding myself gettingmore and more capsulated by it, and thinking really deep into how i can challenge it.



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