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Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance


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Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance Part 1


May be able to use the mass m acceleration a=(F/m)* v^n to increase


the energy efficiency of a machine. Acceleration a would be applied at


resonance with the moving mass m. The larger the (F/m)*v the larger


the exponent n. The mass m can be a mass of a pendulum, a molecule,


or an electron subject to acceleration force F. The F can be


mechanical force, electrostatic force, but not gravitational force.


If a resonator like an air column in a glass tube or coil and capacitor is tuned


to the frequency or pulse of acceleration a, the output amplitude


or energy is larger at the input amplitude. For example, if a tuning


fork is close to a resonant tube tuned to the sound frequency,


the sound amplitude is maximum at the resonant frequency of the air


column in the tube. This may be due to the acceleration a


applied to the air mass m.


Chronovisor Sources


iframe{width: 1px;min-width: 100%; border:none}



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Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance Part 2


A pendulum is made from a lead ball suspended by a thin string.


The mass of the lead ball is m=0.1 kilogram.


The mass m can be brought up to a certain height of h=0.1 metre.


It then can be released so that it swings smoothly from side to side.


When the mass m reaches its lowest levelh=0 metre, the horizontal velocity v


is maximum. The energy balance equation for this is:


(m/2)v*v + m*g*h=0 ,


where g=9.81 metres/(second*second) the gravitiational acceleration


on the earcth's surface.


Then maximum velocity v ar h=0 metre is:




This velocity and the previous energy equation applies only


for gravity acceleration g.


Velocity v should be different for mechanical acceleration


a=(F/m)* v^n=dv/dt.


(F/m)*dt=( v^-n)dv.


Integrating this gives:


(1-n)*[(F/m)*t]^(1/(1-n))=v=V , for n not equal to 1.


Exponent n increases with (F/m) or V, and 0<n<1.


This velocity is v=V.


With this equation assume the kinetic energy of the mass m


due to mechanical acceleration a is V*m.


Can try to put this in the first energy balance equation to get:


(m/2)*v*v + m*g*h + mV=0.


The V*m can only be applied with resonance or in phase with v.


The frequency of the V*m application is at mechanical resonance with the swing time period of mass m


on the string.



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Mass Acceleration and Mechanical resonance Part 3


The acceleration a=(F/m)*v^n may also apply to electrons with masses m in electrical


resonant circuits. The F may be electric or magnetic force.


The acceleration a or force F is applied at resonance or in phase with the velocity v of the electrons


to the electrons in electrical wire of an inductor. The velocity v direction is determined by the electric frequency


f of the current I in the wire. The larger force F adds to the acceleration a of the electron.


The inductor has an impedance X. An electric current I =0.1 ampere-peak at frequency f is produced by signal voltage V to


a resistive load R. The current is I=V/R. The inductor impedance X can be connected in series


with R. The impedance X only need to reduce the signal current I to about i=0.9*I.


The signal voltage accross R as V is reduced to about u=0.9*V by X. A capacitance C can be connected in parallel to


these with one connection connected to the inductor and the other side to R. When C is tuned to X and f,


the magnetic force and electric forces as F produce acceleration a on each cycle of frequency f. When C is tuned to electrical resonance


with X and frequency f, the current i can increase to about i=0.15 ampere-peak.


The electrical efficiency of the parallel X, C and R circuit can be:


(u*i)/(V*I)=Q=k*(X/R), where k>1 (ohms*ampere)/volt.


The k can be as large as 17 (ohms*ampere)/volt.


The Q>1 for one X and C pair, but the circuit by itself is not self sustaining. When V is stopped,


the u*i dissappears. The V controls u*i. Can connect many X, C circuits in series


and then rectify u*i with diodes and send the electric signal back to the signal source.


The m*v is increased by a large (F/m) during each cycle of frequency f.


The imedance x only need to reduce to orginal current I and signal voltage each by about 11 percent and still produce


an increase of electrical output as u*i > V*I at electrical resonance.


Examples: V=9 volts-peak, f=5*10^5 hertz sine wave, X=9 volts/ampere reactive.



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Mass Acceleration And Mechanical Resonance Part 3a


Figure 2 shows a single parallel X, and C with R for the first experiment.


___________ X______


| | |




|________ |_________|


Figure 2.


The lines represent electrical connections, R represents the load.


R has one input and one output line in the drawing. Similar with X and C.


The impedance of the X, C at resonance is Z=L/(C*R), with L=X/(2* pi*f),




Figure 3 shows more than one parallel X, and C for the second experiment mentioned.


More coils and capacitors are added to the previous circuit of figure 2.




| | | |






Figure 3.


The Z is larger than R so make impedance X2 of coil 2 as X2=Z/11.


If the three coils with impedances X, X2, X3 have the same Q=1.5, then


total Q of the circuit of figure 3 should be:





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Part 3a continued:


The computer altered my drawings in part 3a. In figure 2,


the load R should be connected after X and grounding line..


In figure 3, the R should be connected after X, a C should be connected between


X and X2, and the other C should be connected between X2 and X3.



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Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance Part 4


The energy balance equation and the mass acceleration equation may also apply


to sound waves. Moving the sound waves requires mechanical acceleration of the air.


The sound waves produce pressure P.


The element force or small force on a single atom may then be:


dF=P*dA, where dA~ pi*r*r


is the small surface area of the air atom with r the radius of the atom.


The small mass of the atom like oxygen is dm. The pi=3.14159.


The the acceleration equation becomes:




The acceleration a is applied in phase with the sound frequency f


at resonance. The sound waves with frequency f from a tuning fork are applied to


the air in a glass tube. The tube has a column of air. The length of the tube is tuned to the


sound frequency. On each sound oscillation the pressure P is slightly


increased due to the sound waves being contained and concentrated in the glass tube.


This increases dF. Since energy m*v increases by dF*dF in


the equation of velocity v, the energy m*v increases with each sound


wave oscillation. This occurs at resonance when a and f are in phase


or are re-inforcing each other. The sound waves travel or pass back and forth in the glass tube and


during each pass, the velocity v is increased by acceleration a.


Some of the energy m*v escapes as sound from the tube, and some increases


pressure P of the oscillations. This only occurs when the signal sound frequency f from the metal


tuning fork exists. The length of the tube is:




for tube with one side open, where z is the speed of sound of air at room temeperature.


This simple energy system is not yet self-sustainng in energy.


The sound energy from the tube should be amplified again be more and larger resonant tubes.


The sound amplification may be converted to electrical energy too keep the tuning fork


ringing artificially by electrical impulses.


These observations may lead to free energy systems. These observations and conventional theory


of energy amplitude amplification at mechanical resonance have to be re-interpreted.


The true source of the power amplitude increase at resonance should be investigated by others.


The source may be dF*dF and the variation of exponent n from a velocity v equation.



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My name is Doctor Kevin Clarke. I am not on this viewer for financial profit or suspicious use. I am here to share my story, true story, for those who will listen. I was born in the year 2322 in New Baron, Sedena, currently in this century, Dallas, Texas. Its a much different place, much less restrictive than this period, vacant of laws or any manner of moral consequence. By the age of 13 I had achieved my TH levels, the equal to an MBA degree in this period. upon completion I was sent to study aboard a Fountmas, which is a levitating structure the size of a sky scraper. Inside research is conducted, my specialty was Physics, later Temporal theory, and lastly, Theoretical Practice. My study sector was of 11 women, 4 men, and one Bortko, and organic living organism first developed in the late 22nd century. Bortkos revolted in much the same way the african population did in your early years, providing a new appreciation for this highly engineered yet brilliant and self aware species. We worked together for 10 years, until we received our final assignment, Time travel. At first we traveled small devices through the KT portal,a time travel device designed entirely based on our sectors research,by an Neclace, which you might call an android or a super computer. The first human subjects to travel through were a team of five study members. The trip was 100 years in the past. their assignment was to mark their voyage with radiant coils, deep earth seaking medgecondts, which would leave a broadcast frequency only detectable by our devices set to receive its call in the future. The five were never returned, and no signs of radiant coils were discovered. After much consideration the assignment was aborted. The project was then handed over to Worker 6 Representatives, (think of them as collegiate internists)who brought the project to light. In the earlier half of 2352 I was sought out along with six other candidates to attempt another voyage. It was decided we would travel individually to a random series of dates, to collect historical data. Much of your history was lost post 22st century(not at liberty to say why) and it was agreed that upon completion of our assignments, that we would receive D09 status, which allows interspace travel as well as all the comforts one could imagine. The advantage of the extended research allowed for the discovery of an automatic return mechanism which theoretically returns the traveler to their origin after two years of data collection. I arrived in your time frame on January 9th 2000. I have given up all hope of return and have set to build a life for myself. I do not fear this information altering history in any way, as all records of these communications will be surely lost after the 22nd century. I lived without shelter for six months in Detroit Michigan where I arrived. I became a soup kitchen regular and took to begging for currency. After accumulating a large enough sum, I obtained a false identification, birth certificate, and work history through one of the many street fellows I met during my times in Detroit. This allowed me to obtain positions, cooking, cleaning,newspaper solicitation and the like. I feel I have betrayed my team in that to accumulate a larger sum of currency, I have given away one of two cynthium badges. Cynthium is a rock derived from the volcanic lava on a planet I'm certain none of you has heard of.t is a flesh wound healing agent, and acts as a sort of shield against biological disease. I will not reveal the goverment agency I sold this device too, but I will say that I will not have to work for currency for the next five or six years. Although I am certain never to return, I still continue my research. I have bought all the devices sold at Department stores, from computers and cameras, to watches and alarm clocks. Their technological make up is quite simple to me, yet they do have a certain appeal, as i'm sure 19th century clocks and type writers have to someone of this era. What I wish to achieve is an intellectual exchange. I realise that most of your colleagues regard this subject as madness or humor, but this is far from the truth. I wish to hear from all of you, lets learn from each other. My e--mail is [email redacted]. I was according to my identifications born in 1975, born in detroit. My aol instant messenger screen name is kevdoggydogg. I do enjoy you;re rap music, so primal and fierce. Lets talk.



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Guest creedo 299X9

1.>A dynamic plasma system, which is a sun, is interactive, with time and space that surrounds it.


2.>A self generated plasma ball, which is the subcause from another event, will stay in stasis, for only so long.Please know however' is dependent upon the lines of forces within stringed space.


3.>A plasma engine, which is fed by apparatus, can work a steady state plasma, for only so long, at such a temperature?


4.>A plasma delivery system, which is an event sphere, which is gennised from a plasma event sphere generator.This event sphere will stay this way, only in a pure dynamic harmonized environment, which magnetically contains this plasma event generated sphere?


This type of sphere in supposed null space, will rapidly generate to another diffuse dimension, as the energy constituents generating the steady state phenomenon.


This is said to generate to submutational changes, to other not seen atomic structure phases.Quarks, anti particle chains and so on as submutational chains.


However these other event chains, are more than likely within other frequencies of being, both up and down frequencies.


The key to understanding plasma physics, is not the duration or stability of the super-hot plasma generated.Furthermore, nor how this plasma is made, however at what pulsed stable duration width?Or additionally that this supposed target semi-steady state plasma can be manufactured?


An event sphere generated in supposed stead state superhot plasma, must have a proviso, boss, of direction? If this superhot event sphere is ever to be utilized as a system of transport.................?


>>The feedback for the simple Tockamack reactor of the 1980s, was a proposed hardened star cell area.This starcell area, was a composite material thermal to electrical transducer, to produce a brak-even steady state useable plasma.


##This was my concept put forward to the University Of California, as only a written proposal, for the Lawrence Livermore Berkley Labs.//


The ideal I had then, was a plasma rocket engine, that could be constructed as a demonstrator.This demonstrator, would have such abundant levels of thrust, that in a short amount of time, could make Pluto and back to Earth.


Of course, an engine such as this would be squelched by the powers that be.


Why, this device would give Earth based man too much freedom and furthermore, the concept made too much sense.


You must always have a generator proviso boss series of superfast controls, accompanying the plasma event sphere.


>>These series of controls will work through the many phases of time and space, or the subgenerational changes on reentry, or into other frequencies, which could ruin this steady state sphere.


>This means from generation point, to mid flight travel, to reintegration using a super plasma event sphere, must be superfast modulated, by a servo proviso boss, always.


If not, you subgnerationally change the nature of the event sphere and what cargo, or people for that matter, the super event plasma sphere is changing?


The only application I have ever seen this proposal in, is the science fiction movie starring Dolph Lundgrin, titled, (I come in peace).


Hot event super heated plasma transport spheres.......?


I don't know.The technology level is very "and I say" very advanced; however feasible in concept.


Let's take this concept one simple step further?


Instead of using a generator of super-hot ionized plasma, why not look at the chain of event in a more economical since of views?


One way anybody could generate a manageable sphere, that could be used as a transportation tool, is by the use of lasic light.


Who has done this.....?""Dada ta' data dada"", drum roll; the fableled Dr. Anderson.


Why his concept of an over-tensored use of overpumped C is so palatable?


Answer is that by overtensoring super C., within spherical coordinates, one can obtain the dimensions of use of superhot plasma; however with out the unmanagablness of superheated ionized plasma.


The very concept which was used in the remake of the H.G.Wells novel, (The Time Machine), remade the second time into a movie.The movie concept utilized overpumped frensilly utilized C, as an accelerated spheroid at tensor's length, of C dynamical.


This means although the time traveler is using a steam power time machine, the very same concept to Dr. Anderson's said interview works, the use of an altered then overpumped super time oriented lasic, holds true.


If someone had wanted to utilize either a palatable power source, for power production, or transport, lasic light is about the cheapest and most manageable way to go.


Your spheroid is more readily adaptable to microprocessor controls, as well as your utility yield, which could be ploughed back into subyields of a power to use base?


Much more so, that with superhot ionized plasma.


This is so, as a reflector transducer, could capture most of the event of the super C spheroid? However at microsecond's notice, be able to direct this super C sphere, at what strength, what vector, at what utility?


So the next generation up from a superhot plasma sphere, [which would wreak havoc with anyone's microprocessor controls}, would be a super C over-pumped lasic sphere, which would yield the very same results as the superhot ionized plasma?


Anderson was a wonder pony, put out in the ring of entertainment, to herald the possibilities of...


Know that both the Shiva and Novacette ignition points, for controlled collapse of an event at the U.C. facility for in sphere held function, was lasic geneses to begin with?


So the key elements to any such device, would be strength, modulation and proposed utility of overpumped lasic C.


If you use superhot plasma, you control devices in order to reign such a contrivance, is always dependent upon the steady state bubble, or said configuration of superhot plasma, as a devise.


When this type of device malfunctions, is stops right away and the burnouts are total.


So a better utility, would probably be stated,>> what features would both an electrodyne, within the configuration of super-overpumped C, within lasic forms, be as both a power source?


Additionally to this said, also as a proposed any series used as a transportation source?



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