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Newbie to this list...appreciate any tips!


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Hello, All!


I have to admit that I'm very new to the mechanics of time travel. Having grown up with a fascination with the topic (perhaps a few too many episodes of Dr. Who contributed to that), I'm fairly familiar with some the theoretical aspects, but still have to claim a great deal of ignorance otherwise. My background includes a Ph.D. in Psychology (with an emphasis on Behavioral Neuropharmacology) and am a former neuroscientist.


I'm in the midst of reading past posts, etc but would truly appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction of "recommended readings" so that I can get up to date rather quickly.


I've noticed that someone is selling a Hyperdimensional Resonator (Steve Gibb's device?) as a "Real Time Machine" for a relatively hefty price (at least, to my budget!). What do you find to be the veracity of this kind of device? Is radionics the way to go?


Interested in your thoughts and would appreciate any advice!





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