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Time machine's to be kept clean at all times.


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Time machine's to be kept clean at all times.


To all staff and sales Representatives.


A situation arose whereby a time machine has driven by a staff member , was required in order to show a customer for the purpose of a test drive and possible sale. The time machine vehicle was far from satisfactory condition in respect to cleanliness and a hasty clean-up was needed.


Could you please inform all the staff at your branch/ location who have time machine vehicles allocated to them for there use, that those time machines vehicles should be kept in as salable condition as possible at all times. It is appreciated that weather conditions will affect the out side of the time machine vehicle, but there is no excuse for an untidy or dirty interior. Staff need to understand that every time machine is for sale.


It is suggested that you carry out random time machine vehicle inspection and repeat offenders could have the privilege of driving a company time machine vehicle withdrawn for one week. In the event that it is necessary to have the time machine detailed due to the staff member's lack of care, the staff member could be charged for the cost of that detail.


Loan time machines are an advertisement for the company and should be presented to the customer in the same condition as you would sell a new time machine. After all, a customer may like the time machine they have been loaned and enquirer about the prospect of its sale. They are less likely to do this if the time machine looks uncared for. Every time a time machine is returned, it should be thoroughly checked over and cleaned, ready for the next customer it is my perception that in many cases , a loan time machine is not inspected when it has been returned.


The mentality i have observed in many instances is that " It's not my problem". It always seems to be some-one else's job. Well it's everyone's job and staff should be encouraged to take some pride in the company, their surroundings and the time machine they drive and present for sale.


I would appreciate it if you should distribute this memo to all staff whom the contents apply and assist by implementing regular random inspection of the Company's Drive time machine, demonstrator time machines and loan time machines.


Many Thanks


Blair James Angel





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