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historical note, bio effected time wave?


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Historical notes, time-wave:


Please note as to my past posting I have made certain claims concerning DNA modulation, not to my either agreement, or knowlege.


I had made a claim of a DNA happenstance, in the last decade.


However this first claim may have been due to what is known as twin's telobiological sympathy.


The second set of statements, had to do with both bites said and behaviors, again not to my either agreement or knowledge.


The second series of happenstance I also feel may have been due to what is known as a time wave.


This is possibly where the traveling of a person or group of persons to a certain time and actions therein, may cause a perril in time. This is said in a similar fashion to a rock being thrown into a pond, then have those splash weaves reflect back.This would caused accentuation of biological notations, which has occurred centuries before, within that persons genetic heritage.


This secondary effect, I have only deduced by logic as of recent.


I had gone to great lengths on the second set of claims, by trying to contact the supposed descendants of said certain types of beings, who were known to frequent middle Europe.


I feel by new data, that there are both original and greatly modified gene subsets, of this ethnic groups who are in the U.S. today.


I only had direct verification of one of these real groups in the Louisiana area.So any contact with this group was then termed as potentially dangerous, so an actual face to face meeting, was not made.


The only other candidate for said genetic meddling, was possibly said underground known alien co bases, but again this has not been substantiated.


I am only noteing this information, as my mention these changes in the past has subjected me to both personal ridicule and or aquard situations, over possible DNA tampering to my person.


Truly and sworn, to all time travel historians



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