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Disclosure Project turned to crap?


This is the latest update I just got from the DP. The last one I got they were raffling off an old car of his. I really had some hope when they first started. Now they want to charge you $700 bucks to train you to become an "Ambassador to the Universe". What kind of bullshit has this devolved to?




From: Disclosure Project Updates


Date: 2004/07/06 Tue AM 02:53:48 EDT


To: [email redacted]


Subject: Dr. Steven Greer - Next Scheduled Training


August 7-14, 2004


Dr. Steven Greer will be teaching a CSETI CE-5 training/expedition to


Mt. Shasta.


Last date for registration is July 30th. You MUST be registered in order


to participate.


Registration information and application forms, and a description of the


training and tuition costs, are on the CSETI web site at




Note: All applications are reviewed, and some may not be accepted if


they do not meet the participation criteria.




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Updates Email List (subscribe on our web site at




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Disclosure Project





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