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From link http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/message.php?message=405271&topic=3&showdate=


Woman said on frash impact site, WTC building:


Photanalysis after print process to download item object onto paper platia:


Print shows a person weighing approximately one hundred and ten pounds with down to shoulder length hair, possibly female, possibly twenty six years of age.


Photo to print in pixelization shows woman canted to her left, leaning up against shattered supports, as if looking through the opening that was made by said airliner into said WTC facade.


Guessed views is that woman is in process of either trying to look for aircraft, or is trying to obtain attention of outsiders, to attract attention to her?


Temperate gradients would not be expulsed at this point and with wind being pushed to the outside of the building, the temperature for that time being where she was, could have been relatively cool?


Cloths look appear to be intact as clothing or a percentage of clothing now-a-days has synthetics placed within their manufacture, so if said person was within the heat of such an area, before it became involved, then these cloths would have been melted upon her body.


Barrowed light and dark areas, correspond to areas, outside of the persons placement within said photo.Facial features at this distance taken, only materialize from a distance, so a close-up attempt at facial features, would not deduce fine features as it would in a close-up photograph.


Individual does not show tearing to clothing, nor distress afforded to her, which would indicate that she may have been in said area during impact?


This person may have either been under rubble and survived to come to this opening, or walked in from an adjoining room, which shows this area, at this time, not to be involved in fire.


Guess, a person standing on the ledge right after impact, peering out to the outside of the WTC complex, wondering what is going on?


Note white wash-out of front of her clothing, to match the pixel consistency of the front of the building which is held in a similar light phase?



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