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Hello everyone...Have a few comments about some thinks I have seen here hehe...


-About Jhon Titor...a normal guy who wanted to make a legend, and why not?money...I have seen some books in ebay talkin´bout this theme...and do you think the timetravel artifact will be that easy to mount and dismount from a car?, do you think religion will be stronger in 2032? religion will be a minor cult, i have a lot of reasons for it, but I will give you one everyone could know, evolution...if you dont belive me, just remember my post ;)


-About all of them in general...Will a time traveler tell everyone about a future from a diferent timeline telling them who they are?(its easy to track someone and his ip,more easy of what you think without beeing a hacker), or maybe just make his work in this time,make "maybe" friends, and "maybe" tell his friends about the posibility of that future, talk about it but just as a possible thing, not telling them he is a timetraveler except he has a very good friend who will trust him; I see no way in a timetraveler trying to convince people, one of the reasons is that Im pretty sure timetravel will not be as accesible as Jhon Titor and his timetravelers afirm...and pretty sure too that not in that year...(2032)


I see normal for a timetravel who can get back to his timeline to make long distance friends...cose when they have to go,its easier to do it...I doubt they can go back, why? they come from a diferent timeline...there are a lot of them,its so theorical...not easy to touch...so...how to reach your exact future line?its "easy" to go back in time, but its hard to come back to your exact time...you could get lost hehe.


Timetravelers will come (thinking they can), but they will not leave as easy ...they will spend the rest of their lifes here (they are the ones you could contact if you find them)...in a more distant future im sure they will make their job and go back to house (future), the advancement will permit it...but the first timetravel machine will not be like this...


So...in the case Im a time traveler, or you are...or anyone is one,if he is here...thats cose he cant go back to home...so he is making a new life, entering internet, studing,working...; in the other case, he will not spend more of the necesary time to acomplish the mission, trying not to make friends and taking it like what it is...a mission.(except if something happen of curse...but he will not be from a near future)


Had a good feeling bout this forum and decided to post, sorry bout my english, lot of time without using it



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