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If I'm ever to meet a Time-Traveller...


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If I'm ever to meet a Time-Traveller...


I will know because the temptation to go back & meet my earlier self is to overwhelming to resist.


the doppleganger is you, just from another "Time"


here is just one example...


"Danny Sheehan, who also visits our office, was co-founder with Garrison, of the now


defunct Christic Institute, a casualty of the Iran-Contra operation.


Sheehan, has had childhood "close encounter experiences" analogous to


the one I reported in "The Parsifal Effect". Evidently, it might


appear that Dan Sheehan, was also part of the "400" contactees


mentioned to me on the phone in 1952 by the alleged "conscious


computer" on the spacecraft from the future. Harvard Professor John


Mack, influential in the Esalen-Soviet Exchange Program, and under


fire from Harvard for his bold study of UFO abductees, is also, it


might appear, part of the "400".


..."It is as if Umberto Ecco's Foucault's Pendulum has passed from fiction to fact in this


latest version of Balzac's Human Comedy orchestrated by John Lilly's


"Cosmic Coincidence Control" from the future. This is more than the


random "Butterfly Effect" of classical chaos theory."


I was under contract with E.P. Dutton by then and was


planning to go to Chicago to finish Space-Time and Beyond at Bob Toben's


place. Werner then outlined his plan for me to set up a sort of Ghost


Busters team of physicists to research psychic phenomena and in his words


"the physics of consciousness".


Werner said that he was very interested in physics,


and that he wanted me and Fred Wolf to tutor him and his "trainers."


We flew to New York. Sharon and I spent a few days with Uri Geller, Ira Einhorn, Bob Toben, Sir John Whitmore and Andrija Puharich at Puharich's large house in Ossining. Puharich gave me his book URI. I did not have time to read it but I gave it to my mother in Brooklyn a


few days later. My mother was reading the book [12] when she suddenly exclaimed: "Jacky Jacky this is what happened to you!" "What happened to me? What are you talking about Ma?" "The computer in the flying saucer that called you on the telephone when you were a little boy.


Don't you remember when you got all those phone calls?" An electric shock went through me - I only remember one phone call. "What do you mean phone calls? I only got one call." "No you didn't! Jacky what's the matter with you? You got three weeks of these crazy calls. You were on the phone for hours at a time walking around glassy-eyed. I got worried and grabbed the phone away from you. I said 'Who is this? Why are you calling my son?' I heard that voice. It said it was a


computer. It wanted you to come back to the telephone. I said 'Don't you call back here again!' and hung up and that was that." Not even a super-technological conscious computer on board a flying saucer from the future can argue with an irate Jewish Mother!


It is curious that the quote from I. J. Good is about such an


intelligence. Good worked with Alan Turing during W.W.II on MK ULTRA


which broke the Nazi war codes with the Enigma machine. A curious


exchange happened between Good and myself. I wrote another paper for


Psychoenergetic Systems. Good sent me a copy of his paper on super-


intelligence. The two papers were remarkably similar. So similar that


Good suspected me of plagarism - though he did not go so far as to


accuse me. In fact, I had not seen Good's paper until he sent me a


copy of it. I take this as evidence for a close encounter with


super-intelligence lending some credibility to my 1952 phone call


from the computer.


*The Author of "Childhood's End" talks about the kind of super-intelligence I suggest actually exists and is in contact with us.


Vallee gives us a very important clue about the occult-Nazi


connection to UFOs and Jenny and The Nine at Esalen on pp. 192 & 193


of Messengers of Deception: "contactee George Adamski had prewar


connections with American fascist leader William Dudley Pelly, who


died in 1965, was the leader of the Silver Shirts ... Dr. Laughhead,


who ... launched Dr. Andrija Puharich on the tracks of the mythic


SPECTRA, is also thought to have associated with this group." SPECTRA


reappears as Jenny O Conner and THE NINE brought to Esalen by Werner


Erhard and Puharich's patron Sir John Whitmore.


Wheeler worked with Einstein and Bohr and was Richard Feynman's


thesis advisor at Princeton. Wheeler is the Merlin of Physics and a


lot of my ideas were inspired by his visionary writings. I suspect


Wheeler is channeling messages from the future telepathically as are


some other physicists like his former student Kip Thorne and also


David Deutsch. Of course Wheeler and the others may have no idea that


they may be caught in the Destiny Matrix!



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