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Note outsourceing to other places


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Please note as what was offered by Katie Couric on NBCs Today Show, that most jobs, in order for that company to survive by its economic half-part, had to outsource to some places.


This had cut the work-force of that company in the U.S. but did not solve the overall problem of the status of mankind at this point in time.


What we don't see at this time, is Earthbased man making friends with and keeping household robots, as servants and companions, even though they are extremely easy to build.


Some of the robotics clubs, are the Seattle Robotics Society, which has an open access port, on yahoo.groups.


The particulars of the homebased robot could be, a simple ni-cad battery or other sort of long term rechargeable battery.


A sacrificed laptop which runs the Windows 98 operating systems.


A lightweight structure to build on base.


Servo motors, sensors and the ability for that laptop robot to self drogue connect, to the household P.C. for a conference, new orders and other information, at the end of the day.


This ability in most households, is not even recognized, when the technology is over five years old and widely known.


The handshakes to do task, for any household robot, are made in a program known as Visual Basic, which can be augmented to run a proof of elimination needed in mathematical choice of duties, for homebased or other robots.


2.The other area that is not fully realized, is the are of both nearspace colonization and fluency access to other places of call, within this galaxy.


The mentioning of this shortstop, is made with reference by some, that mankind on Earth is an owned commodity, so therefore does not need to be allowed to space travel.


This claim in said UFOlogy disclosures, has been broken time and time again.



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