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Time Travel/Reincarnation and BrainWaves.


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Hi all


Here, I would like to say my point of view about Time Travel and it can be related to the Reincarnation, through Brain Waves. May be it is a strange point of view from he first point to relate the time travel, reincarnation and brain waves together.


I don't know if someone else mentioned what I am going to say or no but anyway, i will say to be just a point of view and 0ff course i will love to receive all your comments.


We all know that the Brain has waves and is working through this waves, this waves are different frequencies, ad each frequency is a way of an order from the brain to the body or to anything else. For example, there is brain wave frequency for hypnosis etc… . and other brain waves for Telepathy for example.


Telepathy is the main point here in our topic, as we all know, it is the way of chatting between two or more people through brain waves at the same frequency.


Now, many people believe in the Reincarnation, past and future lives. They are following several techniques to can remember their past lives and can decide their character they want in their future lives, the main technique is Meditation.


Meditation can change the brain frequencies to different states.


Everyone thinks, there are waves are going out from his brain, these waves are eternal, travel through space forever and anyone can receive these waves if the sender and the receiver were in the same frequency. This can be telepathy.


What if the memories that people have as past lives memories, are memories and thoughts from other people from the past or the present on the same frequency?!


We cannot say yes or no about this question, because it needs a lot of studies to prove the truth about this.


I think, whatever this point of view is true or wrong, we can connect with the past through brain waves as time travel to the mind of people we know from the past.


Believe or not, it can be a mind hacking, because we can know many secrets from the thoughts of many people from the past. I consider this as a better way for Time Travel.


This is a new theory i discovered and I began to use it.


I didn't start to type anything here about my theory except when I start to experience it because i must try to experience it before declaring it.


Here is a point of view to think again about the theory of Reincarnation and in the same time may be a new way for time travel and a better way to how to use brain waves to know the secrets of the past of humanity.


May be anyone else was thinking about this, may be someone mentioned before me, I don't know. But I was thinking and here i typed what I got from my thoughts and my experience.


My theory can be wrong, but if it is wrong, I think it can be a true way of thinking about the human secrets.


So I would like to receive comments without any attacks please, this a place for all points of views.


I hope you can get what I mean by this theory


Thank you a lot and waiting for replies.





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I dont think that they are memories of 'other' people on the same 'frequency'.


They may well be, however, memories that are linked together via the soul. In that in some dimension of time - they're not really memories, but rather - all events happening at once.


This would explain how some people can also see into their/future, or future events that effect them. Because for a second there perception has moved away from Linear time.


But then again - your term of 'other people', is still a good one. After all incarnation is really was is happening here. Not re-incarnation. each life is a new person. only the essence of the person moves on. Not the ego. In our society, the 'person' is the ego - with is still only the material part of an entity. Therefore doesn't life outside of time. Only emotional knowlege is absorbed by your true self. The rest is worthless.



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What if the memories that people have as past lives memories, are memories and thoughts from other people from the past or the present on the same frequency?!

Interesting Theory. People "receiving" the output of frequencies from other individuals existing within the "span of time". There could be some truth to this idea. As far as people in a crowd suddenly becoming as one, the emotions sweeping through the collective grouping and becoming a hysterical mob.

As in the lynch mobs in the old west, people who ordinarily are peaceful, calm individuals, get swept up in the tide of violence.


Are they harmonizing with the others surrounding them?


It also has been suggested that the reason why the "soul" sees its family members that have passed on soon after death, is because the close proximity of those "family" members having harmonized at a specific frequency rate.


As Olly mentioned, the current ego you have will cease once you leave this life behind ( so to speak ), however, some fragments of the ego may survive into the next life time. This is why there is alot of discussion on the quieting of the ego. The understanding is that if you are wrapped up so tight with your current ego, it will hinder you in the next life time.


The question that always enters into my thoughts regarding your proposal, is that if we can "tap" into the memories of others that existed before us, is that really time travel ?


Alot could be learned from being able to achieve such a "state", as there is alot of controversy surrounding many myths of the past. If you could witness the event in some sort of stream of memories, then the myth could be resolved.


The one hazard that can occur, is that in meditation, the astral plane becomes accessable. Within the astral plane, one can bring about life from their thoughts and emotions, creating living entities. So, any "results" that occur during meditations, may only be reflections of ones thoughts brought to be in the astral, without really having any connection to the physical realm we call home.



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No, i wouldn't say you were wrong at all, after all none of us know if we are right or wrong.


also n regard to Ovrld,


I think you are right in saying that fragments of the ego are carried over. This relates to what Buddhists (theravada) talk about and find it hard to explain to those that believe in reincarnation. There is no re-incarnation. There is only incarnation. What you learn in this life, as whatever ego you shape, is collected and shapes how you are in your next. This is what they mean by every life is preparation for the next.


If you're a total idiot and make lots of enemies without learning this is negative. In your next life you'll have the same 'trait', as you havent learnt to evaluate and get rid of it. So the negative results will be experienced again.


you could say that an unlearnt lesson of the ego (or a particular identity/trait) is passed over for your own good, to learn from. It would take as many life times as it needs for you to learn from it. Could be one, could be millions.....


The best way to look at 'ego' is to imagine the real (true) you is sitting there looking through a pair of glasses (the ego), Your glasses determine how you percieve the outside world. Which in turn will shape the ego (glasses) further. you learn through the ego - and eventually learn to shape it by your own positive concious efforts.


What incarnates is the 'true' entity thats looking through the glasses rather than the glasses themselves.


I think all this sort of information and topics is/are relevant to time travel. After all it deals with the aspects of time and why its set up to be there in the first place, not just travelling through it. If people are not interested in this sort of topic then they're missing out on some of the most important aspects of time and time travel that are out are.


So in answer to your question i don't think you are wrong, and i also think all of has been said in this thread is very important connection to TT. These are the sort of threads i enjoy, often hidden amoung all the masses of Titor nonsense.


Kindest regards,





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i think i didnt say anything wrong about that we can use this idea with contacting with the past. what do u think ??

Absolutely not. It would be fasctinating to have you post the results of your experimentation with this process, and have you had any success with this method?

Another interesting possibility would be the use of a brain wave generator. I downloaded one several weeks ago, and theoretically the program matches specific wave frequencies and harmonics.


If the thoughts patterns of individuals in the past are operating within a specific range, could the generator harmonize our thought patterns to become immerssed with those of the "so-called" past?



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From a few days, i started to contact with someone from the past using brain waves.


it is too hard, it needs alot of meditation and techniques.


She is a girl, her age is from 20 to 30 years old. i still dont know exactly.


and i realy still dont know exactly the time she lives in, but it is before the 19th century.


Im using BrainWave Generator and specificaly the presets of Meditation, you can download it from here .


u must think alot with trying to change or input other frequencies to your bran using this software and relax and get steady to recieve information.


and you can concentrate in a specific thing, for example, imagine that you have a son, and then stop imagining anything and get steady to recieve information about that son,,all that is during the BrainWave Generator presets.


Try also the presets which can help for dreaming and OBE.


I know this is not enough information at all about my mission. But as i said it is hard to explain and because i didnt get more information yet about this girl.


So, all you need, is to try to change your brain's frequencies and get steady to recieve information, then try to get more information from the source of the message you are recieving.


I hope you can get what i mean


and sorry for this little information, and promise that i will post here everything i could know about that girl and her time.


But anyway, i have other information i cant say right now, but promise i will say it soon after be sure about it.


wait for me.


Thank u





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