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Einstein, Newton, Darwin and holographic universes


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I refer to the article "Einstein in a Nutshell" (in America's science magazine "Discover" - September 2004): specifically, to the comparisons between a marble shooting in a curved line past a bowling ball on a bedsheet, and the Earth moving around the Sun because of curved space pushing Earth.




This relativistic explanation would accurately describe the measurable results, but it seems to assume the bowling ball/sun, marble/Earth and bedsheet/curved space are separate entities. All six could be tiny parts of a universal hologram, and relativity's description would not suffer. (See physicist David Bohm, neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, brain scientist Karl Lashley, researcher Hugo Zucarelli and the eastern religions for ideas about holograms.)


Transmission holograms are made on a photographic plate or film by interference between the 2 parts of a split laser beam - by analogy, one part of a split laser beam could, in the far future, compress a tiny quantity of matter to the required temperature and pressure of a big bang (this portion would be the reference beam). The other part (the object beam) would gather all the data in the universe … perhaps by first being transmitted through the 4th and 5th spatial dimensions to a time when the entire universe we know was only the size of a subatomic particle. The 2 laser beams then come to a focus forming an interference pattern which creates a universe that obeys Newton's 3rd Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and rebounds/expands from the compression of the futuristic reference laser (the compressed matter corresponding to the material plate/film).


When illuminated by another laser beam, the 'developed film' (a previously dark cosmos evolving from a big bang) causes a three-dimensional image of the original object (a previous cosmos) to appear. Sound waves, X-rays and microwaves are known to be able to form holograms ... if the holographic process was applied using all electromagnetic waves as well as sound, every physical sense or technological detector would be affected. So this multi-wave, 3-D image is what today's cosmologists, astronomers, biologists, mathematicians, geologists, chemists, physicists, psychologists, economists, linguists, etc. are studying – and the image's expansion would continue to accelerate as more big-bang-generating laser energy is introduced to the infinite spectrum of universes.


Motion of the earth could be thought of as a subroutine (complete in itself) in a cosmic computer program, or as successive frames in a cosmic video/movie. However you choose to think of it, the important thing is that there would only be one universal hologram and all inertial frames must be 'subroutines' in that hologram's single 'frame'. The speed of light being constant might reflect the existence of the cosmic hologram's invariant single frame, while the relativity of space-time/mass-energy might reflect the existence of subroutines. Light and Earth's motion would not actually possess any speed (motion and speed seemingly exist in unconscious things because of successive frames existing in the cosmic hologram's subroutines - or to phrase it in more familiar terms, because of a number of pictures being 'stored' on the same plate or film in conventional holography).


Animals and humans can physically and mentally move around within a subroutine or frame (thus demonstrating a degree of free will) - but we cannot alter the universe's main program or hologram which is responsible for the way our brains are wired.*


If gravity originates from the bending of sheets of space-time, and if all inertial frames are subroutines in the one universal hologram's single main frame, then Isaac Newton would be absolutely correct in saying that the entire universe would instantly feel the loss of the sun's gravity if our star disappeared suddenly.


* Of course, revised notions of movement and speed necessitate the revision of other theories eg the symmetry-breaking which is said to be responsible for creation of the universe we know, via the formation of matter as the cosmos expanded and cooled (the infrared energy associated with heat would have no more velocity than visible light). Also, the theory of biological evolution based on Charles Darwin's work would not be as secure as science currently believes. According to this short article, it would be part of a computerised cosmic hologram, too. How could this be? Either we resort to binary-coding by supernatural life beyond present comprehension, or binary-coding by future time travellers (we live in space-time, so perhaps time travel will oneday be as common as space travel is now).



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