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Chronohistorian post, illegal, here's why:


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Chronohistorian post, illegal, here's why:


In the postings of Chronohistorian, it has now been said, that Chronohistorians, from said year 2536, are a series of posters from the future, a type of rotational academy if you will?


So if say Chronohistorians appearance here is really true, then the charge laid against him, would be attempting to mine the past for data, in order to construct a similar society in the future, by utilizing old data.


Here is the problem in doing this, besides it being a major time travel infraction and subject to having their timetravel rites confiscated or prohibited at least.


By making a like our society civilization in the future, due to a social problem that they are enduring in the future, people from the future, with shortcomings are taking technologies which are meant solely for our civilization to the future.


They do this not only in a measure of less stature as their society at our present times realization of it not being well, but also take our errors as well, to the future with them?


They are not meant or constructed to take our societal technological happenings to them into the future, as this happens once constructed within their future, may well destroy their civilization.


In other words, what they are taking is the wrong code, which may play differently, as they are infracted by their own say now.


On the subject of torture as a corrective means of structure.


I will say this once, as said in one of the Star Trek Next Generations says, on the subject of torture.


>Piquard to Kardacian>It has never been proven to us, or anyone that torture is of any means of value.


You can get anyone to say anything under the guise of torture and more often than not, the information gathered is not even correct.


This is why the federation gave up torture long ago, as in the final analysis, these methods, were not only proved to be immoral, but incorrect and useless as well.


At this point, after enduring all that he had, Piquard's captor, looks back at him and is now quite upset.


The reason he is upset, is that he knows that in his own mind's eyes, that he is deftly, undeniably wrong.FIN


With reference to the Alias series as shown on ABC and the eluding that torture and mind programming had been actually used on children, as a way of making them early and effective agents, the same still holds true.


Again, test have shown that with time conscripts either tend to do two things, one deprogram themselves, or commit to self destruction.


Again, as sad as this is, torture is only a way, in the very finite analysis, of making those who torture feel at ease with the convictions they have earned in their act of torture.


What escapes their sad thinking, is that by the act of torture, they have accomplished anything at all.





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