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Maybe we are already time traveling.

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Well if i understand you properly, my opinion on trying to stop aging is... we should stop. Sure it'd be great to live for all eternity, the greatest minds could continue to live develope new theorys etc.


However, death is natures way of feeding us. Plants "die" to feed us and say... "cows" die to feed us. Even if we could find a way not to age, first that would happen is the world would over populate followed very quickly by a massive starvation and drought, and finally the world would no longer support life because of a lack of natural resourses on the planet.


Well re-reading it i got another iterpretation and it is very interesting. Stop time and aging but we continue, the same problems may occur. Time is a finicky thing, you can probably be able to go through it at rate we are currently, perhaps slower, faster or even reverse it, but... i personaly dont belive you can stop it.





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The real goal would be to make time stop.

Stopping it wouldn't seem to do much...it would have to be alterations over all four concieved states - combining to the state desired...IE; Time.

If you think about it, it's marked by progression for our senses to understand. So a state of regression ...hrm. "Stopping" is a suspended state...not much to that existence, eghads!


Watch that video for "return to innocence"; and see if it gets your mind working...it's got some good abstract art visuals in it. Not science so much of course.


I like the apple returning to the tree...makes you wonder.


Did it symbolize Netwon & Science (IE gravity)


Or as the name implies (song title)


Adam & Eve (knowledge)


Or a combination?


Do you think it's possible that when Netwon was sitting under the apple tree...he was thinking purely of science...or something more? I guess those are his own personal secrets.


Intriguing though.




Look at a "cube" as a 4th dimensional object...now imagine a mobius strip. 1D(point)/2D/3D/4D all at the same time, next follow it around as it contorts and moves to a natural motion through all 4 states.


Metaphorically...(not perfectly of course)


Makes me think of an old VCR tape. (The looping, structuring, motion combinations)


1D - it's existence


2D - the tape itself


3D - The containing structure


4D - The motion and ability to stop, pause, rewind, fast forward - etc.


Too bad they had different record speed settings - if life were that simple.


(metaphorically speaking of course!)



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