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History note, the robotics industry for home robos


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Please note at this time, the robotics revolution it seems, had never hit?


There was at this time, ample amounts of computers in every household in the USA, however the want from the general public, to establish a need base,. for their own home robotics assistants, was almost a null want.


Even with a simple form letter start, as sample form letter below, companies by and large at this time, were not interested in starting vast home robotics companies, that would stay in every home in the U.S.A. or other places in the world.


I am wandering, could this lack of application also be connected to the lack of a grand space station orbiting the Earth, which would have served as a embarkation point, to other places in the solar system, by this point in time?


After-all, the American Space Shuttle, had been flying for some twenty years, without any fruitful attempt, to have established a one thousand person occupancy nearEarth space station,; so the thought that somehow the additional lack of application in home robotics comaopny starts, also rises as a lack of misapplication.


There may have been a number of hidden facts for this apparent lack of application into practical use, in both applications?


Sample letter below>>


Sirs' manms'


I would be interested in the potential of a business start, using variants of the Acmesoft Project Server 2000 and 2005, if this project has been updated?


My interest would be to start a company that would assemble and manufacture a personal robotics assistant, for world, however at U.S. based use, first .


Know that the next big revolution, more than likely will be that of homebased robotics assistants.This addition for every household.So business starts and company concerns, might be the very next step, as home based P.C.s are now all over the world, in order to interface with these projected stiles of robots, in order to recieve their needed sets of instructions.


>This concept involves assembling the right company potentials to start this company.


Raw resources and data.


And a finally agreed workable design, to which this small but capable homebased robot, would be able to function as part of most homebased in-house serving networks.


There are other facets to this concept, such as a required ownership familiarization course, a signed agreement, that would liberate the company for any liability, if the end utilize of the bot, does not agree to bot familiarization terms.


I would like to know, in what capacity could the business end of Acmesoft under the Acmesoft Project Server 2000, or 2005, if it is still viable, help me in my business aims start respects?


Most truly, John P. Smith


mid-Nebraska State, near the town of Every-townville



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Sony had advertised an SDR Give-out Program on the web, a while back.


Like a fool, I wrote to Japan Sony; "which you aren't supposed to do, as Japan is closed shopped any way"?


I had received a letter back from them, saying that they could not accept my intellectual property idea.



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I did a little further research on the SDR give-out program and what I had found on the Geek net.com, via their print, is that their robots, in speech recognition, only speak Japanese so far.


So maybe this program was tailored to Japanese use only.


Sony is making contacts, to Wasseda University in Japan, to further this idea.


I think that they had better sh*t or get off the pot, as the Japanese robotics consortiums, have had these walking robots, for seven years now and still no outlet to the general public.


Not even to well to do people, who could afford the special purchase of one?



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I think that they had better sh*t or get off the pot, as the Japanese robotics consortiums, have had these walking robots, for seven years now and still no outlet to the general public.

They have to be able to market walking robots to the general public. It's not profitable to mass produce these robots if there isn't a high demand for them. Wait a while for the technology to become cheaper to build.

Also you sent them an email? - I would love to have read what it said - LOL.



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JK, formal letter, not e-mail:


They have had these robots for seven years now.


They are goofing around with them.If the J.T. tale is correct, by the time they start selling them, the world will have ended?




Robots Strut and Sell at Japanese Show


A growing population of mechanical attendees rolls into the second Robodex exhibition.


Martyn Williams, IDG News Service


Thursday, May 23, 2002


YOKOHAMA, JAPAN--Robots at this year's Robodex exhibition here did get their wires crossed--figuratively rather than literally--but failed to rampage as some observers had hoped.


Robodex is billed as the world's only exhibition of entertainment robots. It's just the second time the show has taken place (the previous one was in late 2000), and what a jump robot technology has made since then. Sony had its latest robot, the Sony Dream Robot (SDR) on display, dancing and crooning to some type of Hawaiian beat. Honda Motor's Asimo robot was also out to impress people.


As it walked down the center aisle at the finale of the robot show, Asimo bounced slightly from side to side with one hand waving in the air. In fact, Asimo looked as if it knew it was the man and was out trying to pick up any cute girl-robots that were around. Maybe the scent of flowers left by Posy, the flower-girl robot, stoked Asimo's libido.


Like Asimo, Posy is employed in a marketing role--successfully hawking luxury perfume from Guerlain. The metallic flower girl appears in a series of advertisements for a new perfume; according to the company, sales are up and things are going well. Still looking for work is Guard Robot C4 from Sogo Keibi Hosho, which can work as a receptionist during the day and as a security guard at night.


Mixed Signals Stall Bots


But while the Yokohama exhibition was more successful than ever, the growing use of wireless LAN systems caused problems. The wireless LAN channels used to control the robots were assigned before the show; but at show time, some signals leaked onto the show floor and confused the mechanical critters.


Had this been an episode of The Simpsons, the robots might have gone nuts, attacked people, and demolished the building while Bart sat outside with his laptop chuckling. Luckily, life proved to be much more prosaic. A few of the robots refused to move, and one needed a push start to get going. Signs everywhere warned journalists to disable the wireless LANs on their notebook computers and asked visitors to deactivate the Bluetooth functions on their mobile phones. But the renegade signals continued.


At least this was an exhibition, not a contest. Another robot event, the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, involves competition among robotic teams for the RoboCup. The tests range from working as mechanical waiters, to search-and-rescue simulations that may eventually have real-life applications.


Less Form, More Function?


Not all of the robots were humanoid. Sony's prototype Q-Taro, which reacts to its surroundings, is a glowing colored sphere about 7 inches in diameter. spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png


Sony describes the device as a "healing creature" designed to foster an emotional connection between humans and robot technology. The Q-Taro's infrared sensors can detect the presence of a person and activate the unit, and its audio sensors enable it to roll around the floor in time to music. Sony has no immediate plans to market the Q-Taro. The company's four-footed Aibos digital dogs, however, are available in several robotic generations.


Bluetooth also appeared in a line of less personable but potentially more practical robots introduced at the show. Toshiba has embedded the wireless system in a range of home appliances, including a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a microwave oven. A home controller, which looks something like a tablet PC, is used to operate the devices.


At least one skeptical consumer wondered why, if you had to walk up to the microwave to put you food inside anyway, you couldn't just use the buttons on the front rather than retreating to the sofa and using your home controller.



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Would YOU possibly purchase on of these said robots, Creedo? For let's say, a couple thousand dollars? What kind of robot would you want or need? I KNOW I couldn't afford a gimmick robot that tap-dances and cleans the floor. I mean, I can get a hooker to do that at a fraction of the cost!



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I'm one hundred percent ahead, of allot of people, on this board.


I already sent Sony a letter, for their SDR Give-out programs, which is a qualified program, or at least I thought it was.


Got a letter back from them, saying that they thought that I was trying to give them an intellectual property idea?


They said it and advertised it, which is printed from Yahoo's source, as (The SDR Sony Robot Give-out Program), which lets you field test one of their newer line, of robots.


I don't know why they put this out?


I have the letter they sent back.


I think that there was something lost in the translation there.This is as I had found out through a search, that the Japanese Sony Robots voice recognition program, only understands Japanese.


So this must have been an interpretive error on Sony's part?


I Think Sony is one of the best of the Japanese Companies, which promote more of a western stile of corporate thinking, in Japan.


You should not have to fork out more than twenty-one thousand for any walking robot, due to the rapid inflationary curve, placed on all semi-computer[products from Japan.


Remember, they had been asking two thousand dollars ten years ago, for computers that are considered slow and obsolete by today's standards.


So it stands to reason,. that in two years time, that the first models of the Japanese consortium walking robots, when interfaced with the modern home computers, for reporting back to the factories, will have become obsolete?


I'm thinking twenty-one thou, for a walking robot now and with a two year inflaition, one-five for a used.


Yes' I think like a businessman/


In the U.S. they are asking nineteen hundred, for a floor robot, that can only pick up items at floor level, which is fully instrumented.


I'm thinking for one-five, that tou should get a table level fetch, cleaning, chores robot.This bot talks to your home P.C. and recharges itself, rather than nineteen hundred, for a prone to failure unarmored piece of junk.


Japan, has to sh*t or get off the pot? Or someone else, such as Sweden will edge in on this market and chase them completely out!


This is bulls*t, as they've had these bots for about ten years, they can do all sorts of things and they aren't selling them!!!?


This is utter bullsh*t and you and I know this.


Ca'mon sell a few and at least get them out to the world market, instead of the B.S. they are trying to pass off.


Everybody tired of it, when these bots could be put to good use.



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For a twenty thou robot, you get a floor walker, that gets breakfast ready for you.


Picks up after parties.


Can fetch the newspaper, or even work a P.C.


In legal liability filtered situations, baby-sit.


Walk the dog or at least tend to it?


Fetch medications and other items for you.


Understand in voice recognition, what your asking and saying to it.


Keep you company, even some conversation.


Answer the door, phones, cell phone, accept mail on the computer.


Clean-up spills, do some levels of lite house maintenance and cleaning.


*There is a liability teaching filter, that the purchasers, lease, or renter, must pass.


This is a four day, two to three hour course, which protects the company or you or your agent, cant get the floor walking robot.


You must sign-off, that if this robot causes a fire, destroys property or malfunctions, that this is not the selling companies fault.


You are also responsible that this robot, every night, self recharges, talks to your household P.C. for next day instructions and all preventive maintenance agreements, by letting this bot talk to its home company, are fulfilled.



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Technical:This stile of bot, that would be home ready, would have extra boards in its head.


These would be motherboard sized boards, shrunk down to a four by five rectangle, five of these boards, which would be fully programmable.


Each board would be assigned a certain section of chore or ability worthiness.


So you have five near P.C. capabilitied boards, five of them, in each bots head.


This means without a doubt, you have a bot that can function of at least a fourteen years old's levels, in doing chores and responsibilities.


This bot, through both semi-fuzzy-logic scenarios and natural Xerox PARC found intelligence, would become part of most families around the world.


There would even be human-buddy imprinting scenario. to which thought the process of imprinting, this walking bot, would become like a fried to the owner, as well as it family unit.


Each bot has both a report and locating chip, so they can't be stollen and or pirated to loss.


There is one fuzzy logic chip, which synthesizes all thoughts commands into a priority series of decision making capabilities, so that this bot can sort out important commands first.


Belvie it or not, in two to three years time, the most advanced model that they would put out, would depreciate.


There would be legal suits, of course, however this would be addressed to the liability holding company and not the main manifesting company.


>If I were running distribution, I'm thinking twenty thousand units out, by six month's time and if I could head this Japanese company, they had better get these units out, like I want it, or its window seats for all of their top executives.


This is not a nice Japanese business term.


But in six months, I would have twenty thousand units ready for whoever would have two and a half to pay for them and I'm not kidding.


If they want to let their robots dance in Japan, then fine keep screwing around like that and that's were they will be ten years from now.


If you want twenty thousand units out to allot of homes, then you get me twenty good domo-warriors and a kick-as* technical and legal team and I'll get you those homes filled with a good brand of Japanese walking robots, with a good fourth quarter, to the henchmen accounts, next year?



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Put DOWN the bong, and SLOWLY step away from it.


I am not kidding, man. You really are on some wacky tobaccy with these rants. First you slam Burt Rutan, who has more aerospace knowledge and skill in his left big toenail than you have in your entire body, and now you are telling Sony that they don't know what they are doing. Your ego knows no bounds, eh?


If you are so brilliant and capable, why do you need some other company to hire you to do your magic? Someone as brilliant as you make yourself out to be should easily be able to start his own company and secure the venture capital in the blink of an eye. C'mon...let's see Creedo Inc. THEN maybe someone will believe your stories!





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Sony Aibo Entertainment Robot


Found this on Sony's USA website. At least that kind ONE entertainment robot for you, Creedo. It's more of a child's toy than anything else, a robot dog. It also costs about $2000, but at least you don't have to clean up poop. What do you think?


C'mon...let's see Creedo Inc.

LOL... just imagine that.

I think Creedo is lonely and just wants a robot friend to listen to his stories.



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From Fred Meyer Store , flyer, page ten, newspaper supplement.


Add titled Find The Computer & Accessories You Need


Compaq Desktop Computer


$549 sale price


-$50 Less mail in rebate




$499 Your price after rebate


1.8Gig Hrtz Sempron 3100 Processor


5.12 DDR Memory


80 Gig Hard-drive


9.1 Card Reader


DVD*/ RW Drive with CD Writer Capability


SR1320 Compaq


Abd $99


HO 1315 Printer




4800 X 1200


Optimized dpi. FIN


If you were to show someone in the early 1970s this add, they would have told that a machine such as this, was way, way in the future.


In reference to what I've printed.


High technology can become junk, real fast.


Watch and see what I mean.


RMT, your life stinks and I think that you need to clean it up.



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RMT, your life stinks and I think that you need to clean it up.

You say that, and yet I have a job in a high tech industry that you clearly wish you could participate in. You are speaking out of jealousy, and so I think you are really saying that your life stinks, and that your "offers" to help high tech companies with your "brilliance" are your way of trying to clean it up.For all the whining you do about "closed shops" when you write to Boeing, or NASA, or even Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan's company) asking them for a job, I think you need to come to grips with the reality of the situation: You do not have the academic nor demonstrable experienced-based background that would qualify you for these high tech jobs that you want. What you call a "closed shop" attitude is nothing of the sort if a person with the right credentials (like myself) can get a job at these places.

You are an angry, confused person who wants to work in high-tech jobs without doing the hard work of getting the proper credentials. Four years is all it would take for these "closed shops" to open their doors to you, Dan. If you really want it, that is the right way to go. I just hosted the Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering open house yesterday... lots of eager, young minds who are willing to put in their time and get their degree. And I can tell you that at least one of these students I saw yesterday WILL participate in putting man on Mars.


Creedos in glass houses should not throw stones!





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No Ray, because of social complications, this said industry is closed shop and you know this to be true.


Be very careful what you say here, as its yourself your hitting and I truly mean this.



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Defer all comments to the topic of outletting a home walking robot, to most homes, via a company move, by (*****), in six months time.


Balance equation of deprecation over internally held robotic's modules technologies and pay-out of these owners, communities that would want such a robot?


See mobile floor robots sold in the U.S. now, as far as institutional robots, such as the DARPA projects, showing their halls filled with mobile floor robots and other uses?


Last part of rounded out equations are, what would be supplies of Honda Sony, or other forms of acceptable self sustaining to company reporting robots, walking, to be sold within the United States, inside of a proposed four to ten months, without fail?


*Any other comments in this thread, not dealing with this asked-for discussion on-topic, is considered then, to be off-topic.


Thank you very much!



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Have you seen this website > irobot.com


They're selling Roomba robots that cleans the floor for you. Not too expensive either, they cost about the same as a good quality up-right canister vaccuum. Once they upgrade the model, I may purchase one.


Funny, the company that sells these vaccuums also has plans to field robots for military activities as evidenced here > Combat Bots?


Makes you wonder...



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Have you seen this website > irobot.com

Heh. Actually, it was when I bought one of these Roombas and wrote a humorous post about it that Creedo suddenly decided that he was a robotics expert and started bashing the irobot guys for not having something more substantial.AFAIAC, these Roombas are great products. As you say, they are really no more expensive that a large, manually-operated vaccuum. And they do their job well, which is to keep the floor clean of dirt and dog hair! :) Now, when the day comes that I arrive home from work and the Roomba has a perfect martini mixed for me (shaken, not stirred!) I will let you all know! ;)




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The Rhomba is a good little sweeping bot!


Friends of mine, a Joe and Crystal, have a Rhomba, that lives in their newly remolded kitchen cupboard and can come out though a slot, when it wants to.


Joe is genteel, so he understands how assignments must be followed, him being and ex-mill supervisor, now medical technician.


The bot activates and does its little routine, never missing a corner, or anything else.


The Rhomba, is a good little unit, with a good sence of awareness, of what it has to do?


*Battle-bots are taboo for me.


I have only watched them briefly on some cable programs.


I don't like this, don't want it and wont view it.


This somehow to me, seems to be very wrong.



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Yes Ray funny you should ask that.


The control boards for the modified version of the Sony-like robot, would be placed in the skull of the bot.


If you take a ruler and measure off four and one half inches, by five and a quarter, you will get the rough dimensions of how the drop push next gages, for the control boards would go in.


The depth of this nest gage, is about six inches for a really comprehensive robot, however only three and a half inches, for a moderately developed walking bot.


When the bot has trouble it either walks to the P.C. station or in emergencies, can be carried on a dolly.


You can hook up your bots functions barring complete internal battery failure of this bot, to your home UPS with a battery, for those who do not know what a UPS is?


There is a small coin open hatch, that when expose show a series of five internally held card, which are complex mini-bot controlling boards, of which each feed into a central movement function interrogator and balancer synthesizer.


There are two of these synthesizers, in-case of one failing.


Sp when you open this hatch, you are looking at seven dedicated mini-boards.


In function size, determination each of these boards are a little like, both the Basic Stamp controller and the Tern Dedicated series of flash board controllers, which tend to be mini in size.


So you have your bot seated within a chair by your home P.C. and you have the company on the I.P. line and this is all you need to troubleshoot function, say if its either a routine maintenance, or something goes wrong.


Each board is caged so that a downward pressure relaces it from its seating and the bad or damaged board can be lifted out.


The bot sits there, till a new board can be sent and replaced by the owner, or the one who provides maintenance.


There is also a magnetic plug-in which when hooked upped, provides a read-out so that the company sees, the bots status, as well as you having the same report.


All parts of this bot, are easily detachable, with a series of pin and snap-open lock rings, which allow for damaged parts, for these parts to be rapidly replaced..


There is both an automatic recharge shoe and a self evening interface with the house P.C. so that instructions and self maintenance checks can be performed every day.


There is a safety feature, which send out a call for help, or "Oh I am hurt lost and or in need of help, by Mr. Johnson" for example, which would protect every bot, say in the event that it would self wander away from its home, or be stolen, or in some accident, that the owner would not know of.


The question of allowing the form of walking robot to become completely submersible, looms, as there is the eventuality of falling into either standing water, or a swimming pool, which might be a threat to this stile of bot's safety?



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TERN COMPANY CONTROLLER BASED ON A 16/32-bit x86 processor from Intel Inc, AMD as well as others:




Get to market FAST with ready-to-go hardware!


If you need to get to market quickly, a Tern single board computer could be the answer. All your hardware design done for you, using either a 40MHz AMX Am188ES, 16MHz NEC V25 or 33MHz i386EX processor. Tern offer a vast range of memory/peripheral options too: EPROM, EEPROM, battery backed SRAM, interrupts, PWD, timers, UARTs, ADC/DACs, LCD interface and more are available on different board configurations.


The following boards are available:


186 Based Boards


A-Core86â„¢ Very small 186 board with RAM and Flash.


FlashCore-Bâ„¢ Small 188 board with CompactFlash interface.


R-Engineâ„¢ Up to 80MHz 186 board plus lots of I/O


DEâ„¢ Dual Ethernet fast 186 board with CompactFlash interface


FlashCore-Nâ„¢ 186 board with CompactFlash and multiple serial I/O


R-Engine-Aâ„¢ 186 for data acquisition and mas-data storage with CompactFlash interface


A-Engine86â„¢ 186 board plus lots of I/O


A-Engine86-Pâ„¢ As above plus extra RS232 and power regulator


A-Engine86-Dâ„¢ 186 board plus 8 High Speed DACs


R-Driveâ„¢ 186 board with Ethernet and CompactFlash interface


RMâ„¢ 186 board with Ethernet, Modem and CompactFlash interface


RLâ„¢ 186 board with 100Base-T Ethernet, CompactFlash interface, optos and high voltage drivers


A-Coreâ„¢ Low cost 188 board with I/O


MiniDrive88â„¢ As A-Core plus 35 solenoid drivers


A-Engineâ„¢ 188 board plus lots of I/O


A-Engine-Pâ„¢ As A-Engine plus power regulator and extra RS-232


TD40â„¢ 188 board with 35 solenoid drivers


TD86â„¢ 186 board with 16 opto-couplers and 14 solenoid drivers


A104Sâ„¢ 40MHz 188 board with 70 I/Os and 7 UARTS


A104â„¢ 40MHz 188 board with 50 I/Os and 3 UARTS


SmartLCDâ„¢ 40MHz 188 board with mono 1/4VGA touch screen and PCMCIA Flash support


SmartLCD-Colorâ„¢ 40MHz 188 controller board plus 80 I/O and CompactFlash for a colour touchscreen display


BirdBox-Aâ„¢ 188 based User interface controller


i386EX Based Boards


i386-Driveâ„¢ Intel i386EX, I/O and quadrature decoders


i386-Engineâ„¢ Intel 386EX, I/O and power-down feature


i386-Engine-Pâ„¢ As above plus more I/O and memory


i386-Engine-Mâ„¢ As above with additional analog channels


i386-Engine-L Intel 386EX board


SerialDriveâ„¢ Intel 386EX with 11 RS232/485 ports


586 Based Boards


586-Engineâ„¢ SC520 with FPU and I/O


586-Engine-Pâ„¢ SC520 with FPU and I/O and CompactFlash interface


Expansion Boards








P50 For use with i386-Engine or 586-Engine. Adds I/O, Ethernet, A/D, D/A etc.


Development Software


EV-P Tern edition of Paradigm C/C++ plus choice of one Tern controller.


DV-P Tern edition of Paradigm C/C++ plus choice of one Tern controller and software to generate ROMable application files.


Customisation Services


Custom Design



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Here some news that may be of interest to you and your robos.




Press Release Source: Braintech, Inc.


More Orders For Braintech Vision Guided Robotics Software Through ABB Alliance


Tuesday March 1, 8:02 am ET


Strategic Alliance Continues to Leverage Proven Product Performance and Industry Acceptance


VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 1, 2005--Braintech, Inc. (OTCBB: BRHI - News), a leading provider of vision guided robotic software announced today that it has received a purchase order from its strategic alliance partner ABB for 5 "eVF" built solutions. eVisionFactory (eVF) is the ingredient software platform of ABB's TrueView Vision Guided Robotics System.


The order from ABB is for five (5) TrueView Vision Guided Robotics Systems ordered by a Major North American Automaker, their first utilization of this technology for operations such as material handling, and engine head decking. The order reflects the industry's increasing utilization of these system types by Braintech and underscores the value of its relationship with ABB.


ABB, Inc. of Auburn Hills and Braintech operate together under a strategic alliance whereby ABB exclusively uses Braintech vision guidance technology inside of its TrueView Vision Guided Robotics system.


Commenting, Braintech CEO Owen Jones said, "Our Single Camera ("SC3D") software is proven and use continues to expand throughout the automotive OEM and Tier markets. We expect significant growth from this system as we continue to work closely with ABB to grow their TrueView brand." Mr. Jones added that, "end-users will be pleased that these material handling systems are proven to be exceptionally reliable and cost effective."


Regarding the financial value of the order, Mr. Jones mentioned that Braintech will be differentiating between announcing orders and the installation of systems. This is a new system for press releases designed to announce orders from customers that are material to Braintech with subsequent installation releases to provide more financial detail and, when possible, end-user names and business locations.


About Braintech (OTCBB: BRHI - News) - For more information, visit www.braintech.com.


Statements in this document that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and reflect the current views of management with respect to future events and are subject certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions. It is important to note that the Company's actual results could differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include risks and uncertainties such as technical difficulties in developing the products; competition from other suppliers of similar products; pricing that may not be acceptable to potential markets; and many other known and unknown factors. Readers should also refer to the risk disclosures outlined in the Company's 10-KSB and 10-QSB Forms filed from time to time with the SEC.






Baldacci Communications, LLC


Laura Van Eperen, 703-556-4200


Cellular: 240-994-7541


[email redacted]




Source: Braintech, Inc.



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