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We were warned long ago that by our interactions with several species of EBE's that some of them may end up fighting their personal conflicts between one another here on earth. Many waters have since passed under, and exchanges made between them and a variety of our global leaders over the years to negotiate arrangements, in exchange to allow them sanctuary in the name of technology transfer have since brought us closer this global threat of the alien conflict that many have warned us about.


The " Tall Whites " as depicted by Charles Hall ( Author of Millennial Hospitality ) for example, recounted many stories from his meetings with these alien beings which he said took place aboard Nellis AFB from 1965-7. he also mentioned that they are engaged in ongoing conflict with the other alien species many of us refer to as the "Grey's"


Author Dr. Michael Salla ( exopolitics.org ) shared his research into Pres. Eisenhower's meeting with extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force Base, which allegedly took place 50 years ago. According to witness testimony and whistleblowers who Salla said had seen documents that referred to the incident, Eisenhower met with a group of "Nordics" (tall humanoid aliens) who were trying to establish a relationship with humanity.


The Nordics wanted the US to give up their nuclear technology because it could potentially cause damage to the space/time continuum, but Eisenhower refused their request, Salla said. Later, the President struck up a deal with another alien race, the Greys, receiving a technology transfer from them in exchange for an agreement to abduct civilians for short periods of time, though Salla characterized the deal as a kind of "forced surrender," on the part of the US.


Speculating on the agenda of the Greys, Salla said their human abductions and biological tests could be a plan to "replenish their genetics," though they may also be trying to "subvert or co-opt" institutions, by producing hybrid individuals to take over key positions. This new hybrid race might also serve to house and preserve the "hive consciousness" of the Greys, Salla added.


Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean ( beyondzebra.com ), refered to the extraterrestrial presence on this planet, which he first became aware of while examining top secret reports as a NATO officer in the early 1960's. The initial information he read, detailed a series of large metallic circular objects that were seen over Europe in 1961. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.


The reports concluded that the craft were being operated by interplanetary or extraterrestrial beings, of which four different kinds had been delineated. Dean listed them as:


"classic little greys"


5-6 ft. tall version of the greys


large humanoids with "almost bleached white skin"


a group that looked the same as humans


It was this last group "that shook them up the most…They could be walking up and down the White House and we wouldn't know it," he said. By the time Dean retired in 1976, he said that eight additional alien types had been catalogued.


"We're dealing with a multidimensional intelligence," Dean said, adding that our ancient ancestors may have known far more about them than we do. He believes that the ETs have been with us for eons and that they genetically manipulated our species, and continue to monitor our genetic development.


Robert O. Dean believes the US government has had knowledge of an extraterrestrial reality for quite some time. One fascinating account that would be corroboration of this, concerns a secretive visit that President Eisenhower allegedly made to Muroc Field (now Edwards Air Force Base) in 1954. He was there to view ET craft— and reportedly even watched a disc land.


Gerald Light, an eyewitness to the encounter, who attended the meeting with a representative of Hearst Newspapers, claimed that Roman Catholic bishop James McIntyre and Edward Nourse of the Brookings Institute were also there. Light referred to the aliens as "the Etherians" (another reported witness, a British pilot, said they were basically human in appearance).


According to Light's report, the aliens requested that Eisenhower make the public aware of their existence, but the President didn't believe people were ready for such a bombshell. "I watched the pathetic bewilderment of rather brilliant brains struggling to make some sort of rational explanation that would enable them to retain their familiar theories and concepts. I shall never forget those 48 hours at Muroc," Light wrote. Though Eisenhower may not have struck a deal with the Etherians, Richard Boylan writes in an article , that ET's did find others to make an agreement with. According to his NSA informant, the aliens entered into an arrangement with the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, and were given an island in French Polynesia to set up as a base.


In close I would like to add the following comments;


Some of these EBE's may indeed be on our side and willing to help us should any Alien conflicts arise, however that question remains as to who's conflict would we be getting involved with? is it between themselves, or would it become an us & them senario? since our involvement stems from many years of contact, including sharing genetic seeding, it may run much deeper than any of us could have ever imagined. Should a major alien conflict ever come to arrive here on our homeworld, I still would not trust the Grey's , or the Reptoids !



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I read a PhD on alien races and ufo encounters, written as seriously as 'The Bible'. Could not stop laughing, laughing and laughing. There isn't a reliable source for any UFO sighting on the planet. I think once a saw some pictures of UFO 'that posed on all sides of the tree' taken by that crack head Billy Meier (who once was quoted "Religion is only a primitive concoction by man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only spiritually weak life forms succumb." (from the notes of Billy Meier)). The UFo basically did not stray mor than touching distance from a small fir tree, lol, then add that to the fact that it looked like a polished hub cap, lol.....


Good Scientist



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