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Sorry for the pathetic plug, but someone in the group wants it to grow, so maybe one day it'll grow, man I think I have a google group too, dang they are reproducing, ok I just deleted the google groups, so join the yahoo group if you want, anyway, how'd I pick my name? well maybe it picked me, ok seriously though, it's my real name. Maybe not the name I was born with but according to nerdy matrix rules it is my real name, heh. Actually it is based on the old name 'Erasimus', but changed a bit, probably too much information but someone actually had that name apparently according to this someone back in 1860 was named (Razimis L. Warren) http://www.rootsweb.com/~cenfiles/al/coffee/1860/p814.txt


I don't know who this Razimus L. Warren was but he was probably a cool dude. Anyway it's my pseudonym of choice.


--- Razimus



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