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The disposition of your central sun:


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The disposition of your central sun:


About seven years ago, utilizing a series of calcite and quartz crystals, I changed psychic structure and identity and went into your sun telepathically.


I had to do this, as if I would have kept my human psyche configuration, the sun would have taken my soul.


I did this by the placement of these crystals, in my head feet and hands.


I extended myself and let myself by drawn into the very close proximity of the sun and then its surface and then into the sun, directly.


I found that I could extend my appendages and shape my hands like a comb, and go into the convection wells of the sun, so combing these wells, just as soeone combs a persons hair.


The sun defiantly knew me from when I was a child, as this sun was one of the true friends that I had and I always trusted her.


After this meeting some six or seven years ago, I was drawn, weak and after I got home, could only sit on my couch for about two hours.


My urine was dark red, almost oranges.And I took suplaments which gave me minor kidney stones, which passed as being jagged.


When I passed my urine after the encounter with the sun, my stones were brunt black and perfectly round.


So round that they rolled down the interior of the toilet, without stopping, as if they had been sculpted.


I went into her a few times after this, till I did not need the crystals and grew a tolerance.


I went into her today and gave a set of institutions to her,. as I know that other beings have been fiddling around with this sun.


My orders to her, were, if there is a genocide or a gross atomic war, you are to set yourself, to defiantly go nova.


This command was sent down into her and she I feel from my past expiernce with her, will carry out these orders.


My request to this president was, that we explore space and allow Earth people to be able to see and experience other worlds.


Secondly the more advanced beings, the Grays and the Dracs should not think about a mass euthanization program, or culling of the human heard, with all of its op problems as the same order will still be carried out.


To whoever is reading this and "I don't care who you are", if you go against my asked instructions for mankind and the welfare of this planet, I feel that now, she will self detonate.


This means no inner planets left and everything for some considerable distance out from Earth, will be destroyed.


This sun is a gentle rookery sun.


It is not like the volatile suns of the Orion system, which are constantly undergoing explosions.


Please take my advice.


Don't meddle with this sun, let Earth,man and wimen go into the comos, unfettered and don't hurt Earth.


Engineer and solve your problems out.


This set of instruction is stored within this sun's memory and can not, by any means be altered or changed.


Please,........take my advice?



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