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You have your New Pope.... Congratulations.


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And Now the 3rd has Come to Pass.


The End of the New Beginning


The Beginning to a New End.


You Have your New Pope.


The Dawn of a New Age.


And The World Was Never The Same Again....


Ratzinger Ratzinger what have ye done, Pope in the eyes of the new world come. 1Benedictine6[/color]



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Highlight her message, copy/paste. She posted this 30 minutes BEFORE the Pope was announced. There is an invisible message.


And Now the 3rd has Come to Pass.

The End of the New Beginning.


The Beginning to a New End.


You Have your New Pope


The Dawn of a New Age


And The World Was Never The Same Again.....


Ratzinger Ratzinger what have ye done, Pope in the eyes of the new world come. 1Benedictine6


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Here are some other occurences on April 19th;


  • American Revolutionary War: The Battle of Lexington and Concord begins at dawn with a volley on 70 armed Massachusetts militiamen on Lexington Green by the British advance guard, which leaves 8 dead and 10 wounded - "the shot heard around the world".




[*]1993 - The 50-day siege of the Branch Davidian complex outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die.


For your reading pleasure.



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1441: During the Council of Florence, Pope Eugenius IV finalizes the bull "Etsi non dubitemus," which asserts the superiority of the pope over the Councils


1587: English captain Francis Drake sinks the Spanish fleet in Cadiz harbour


1775: Minutemen Capt John Parker orders not to fire unless fired upon. A shot is fired and the American revolution begins at the Lexington Common. That was the "shot heard round the world"


-as mentioned above


1933: FDR announces that the US will leave the gold standard


1939: Connecticut finally approves Bill of Rights


1949: First full day of the Republic of Ireland


1971: The Soviet Union launch the first manned spacelab, Salyut 1


1972: Bangladesh joins the British Commonwealth


1995: A massive bomb explosion destroys much of a federal building in Oklahoma City, USA


-as mentionaed above





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Here's a book you might want to check out:


"In a book released last week, "Values in a Time of Upheavals," Ratzinger also called demands for European "multiculturalism" as a "fleeing from what is one's own." "


I found this snippet here:




I'm a skeptic, but assume for a moment that there is an on going "good vs evil" battle, couple that with all the global consciousness stuff, one could say that 4-19 (marker of time) has historically been "evil". Today's events (as of 6:30 CST) could be perceived as "good" and a victory for good over evil.


Or, religion is a smile on a dog. Edie Brickell


BTW -- I didn't see that book on Amazon.



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Hello, Here is something I found from astrology from his chart, soooo soooo not good...


"A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast"


Washington D.C. the capital of america, speaks of looking towards that place.


People being overwhelmed by the big brother. People being left in the dark, the dying out of cultures or languages. Staring into a void. Blindness, Sirius the dog star. Seeing nothing, the exploitation and abandomnent of native people, voids, emptiness.


That is a symbol in his chart representing religious service...Sad..


Just wanted to add that, Its very interesting.





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Ratzinger Ratzinger what have ye done, Pope in the eyes of the new world come.

Are you sure that She posted this 30 minutes BEFORE the Pope was announced?

The earliest report (of the white smoke from the Vatican) in Australia was at 2:10 am the 20th of April which was Tue the 19th 12:10 PM on this forum. The name of the Pope was revealed 40 minutes or so later.


Now Zeshua's post was


You have your New Pope.... Congratulations.

04/19/05 12:13 PM

But it was edited at Edited by Zeshua (04/19/05 06:04 PM) Much later

All other replies started an hour later than her original post.


Who witnessed this post?


The World Clock - Time Zone Converter - results


At the specified time, local time in New York was 6 hours behind Rome


Location Local time Time zone


Rome (Italy) The new Pope was revealed Tuesday, 19 April 2005 at 6:45:00 PM UTC+2 hours CEST


New York (U.S.A. - New York) Tuesday, 19 April 2005 at 12:45:00 PM UTC-4 hours EDT


Corresponding UTC (GMT) Tuesday, 19 April 2005 at 16:45:00



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Now Zeshua's post was

In reply to:


You have your New Pope.... Congratulations.


04/19/05 12:13 PM

nitescott, I was on the board when Zeshua made the original post. Time was approximately 10:15 MST. I saw the hidden message, confirmed with cnn.com that there was indeed a new pope, and came back to reply to Zeshua. Upon returning, the "hidden" message had been removed (about 10:20 MST). By the time that they had announced Benedict XVI, the hidden message "miraculously " re-appeared with the cryptic "1Benedictine6" on the end. Hardly a true prediction. You can edit your original posts without marking the "Mark as Edited" box. This allows editing without anyone knowing that you edited. I edited my origianl post at least three times through out the day, and my post date never changed. I added a "Hidden" message in my first post. It predicts what cnn.com will run today @ 9:30am EST. :)

My 90yo Grandmother knew of the Pope's demise sometime in 2005 and that Ratzinger was all but a shoo-in for the job back in December. She IS a devout catholic, and to my knowledge IS NOT a TT.


BTW - The board time can be adjusted for local time. Zeshua original post showed up at 10:13 MST,



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The "Glory of the Olive" (Gloria Olivae). That's what St. Malachy's famous prophecy has to say about our latest Pope. Everyone thought that was a sign that the new Pope would come from the Benedictine order, which is symbolised by the olive. He isn't. However, he did take on the name of Benedict XVI, which makes one wonder if he is intentionally encouraging belief in the Malachy Prophecies. This is the second time recently that the catholic church's chosen decisions have seemed designed to agree with the Malachy Prophecy, the first being when they decided to hold John Paul II's funeral on the day of an eclipse, when his Malachy Prophecy had described him as the Pope "of the eclipsed sun".


But John Paul II deserved that title for more than just that one reason. He was also born on an eclipse, and elected to the Papacy on another eclipse. And since John Paul II's phrase also means "of the toils of the Sun", and since the sun's 'work' is to fly around the world every day from horizon to horizon, so too did John Paul II, becoming the most world-traveled Pope in history.


From this and other data, I am inclined to conclude that the Malachy Prophecies are accurate, but also that the RCC is trying to use these famous prophecies to manipulate the masses into a certain mindframe. Nonetheless, I would also expect that the prophetic phrase for this new Pope, "The Glory of the Olive", will prove to be even more relevant to this new Pope and his reign than it now seems to be.


What exactly does this clue mean? We are reminded today that the olive signifies Israel; Israel included the olive tree on its national symbol, and the Bible associates the olive as a symbol of Israel as well. We must pray that this symbolism is not what the Malachy Prophecies are referring to, for there is no question what "the glory of Israel" would be. The "glory of the olive" means "the victory/success/dominance of the Jews", which would occur if they rebuild their Temple. Ever since the nation of Israel was reborn in the desert, the Jewish people around the world have viewed that development as but the first of two shoes predicted to drop in "the Last Days". First the Jews were supposed to return to their native land, the ancient prophecies insisted, and then they would rebuild their sacred Temple, which would finally clear the way for the arrival of their long-awaited Messiah.


Is Malachy suggesting that the Jews will rebuild their Temple during the reign of this new Pope? It would fit the general design of both sets of prophecies (the Malachy prophecies and the Biblical prophecies). Just as Malachy said that this current Pope would be the second-to-last Pope before the arrival of the Last Day events, so too does the Bible insist that the Temple would be rebuilt before the arrival of either/both (A) the Jews' long-awaited Messiah, and/or (B) the second coming of Jesus Christ.


Not all of Malachy's prophetic phrases refer directly to the Pope himself; some refer instead to that Pope's papacy; i.e., the history that occurs in the world during his reign. For example, Pope Benedict XV was referred to by Malachy as Religio Depopulata, or 'Religion Depopulated,' and at first nobody could understand the relevance of this clue. But as his reign unfolded, the world witnessed World War I and the Russian Revolution conspire to severely depopulate the Christian world, just as the prophecy predicted.


And our new Pope chose that same name, making himself Pope Benedict XVI.


The college of cardinals worked hard to elect the successor to Pope John Paul II over the last few days, wrestling with all sorts of political, organisational, theological and moral criteria. And while they were at it, they might have also wanted to make sure that, in order to avoid any further doomsaying stemming from the Malachy prophecies, whoever they chose would have absolutely nothing to do with the words 'The glory of the olive.'


Indeed, perhaps they did try to make sure of that, for prior to being elected, Ratzinger had no logical, personal, or professional connection to any sort of 'olive' at all.


But the man the Cardinals chose then turned right around and did the very thing they had tried not to do, the only possible thing he could do to create such an apparent connection — choosing a name that was associated with the olive. Benedictines are otherwise known as the Olivetans, and by choosing that name, Ratzinger creates a connection to the Malachy Prophecy where before there had been none.


- Peter



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There is always hope, no matter how many Apples Eve should of thrown at Adam's Head in the Garden of Eden, saying thus to the Lord: "I took care of the problem!"


And that is:


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved, and preserved now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, help for the hopeless, pray for us. Thank you, St. Jude!


What lurks in the hidden recesses of other men or ladies (or jerks or aliens) can not avoid that it is from their own calling -- and did not come from God!


That does not mean that anyone is perfect -- just -- human!


And humans are suppose to be human beings, and show some sign of intelligence and the power of love!


(or is that Grace from God!)


You see, the Bible also teaches how to make a prayer, and the form that is needed!




Luke: 11


Father: May your holy name be honored;


may your Kingdom come.


Give us day by day the food we need.


Forgive us our sins, for we forgive everyone who does us wrong.


And do not bring us to hard testing.


Mat: 6


Our Father in heaven: May your holy name be honored;


may your Kingdom come; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Give us today the food we need.


Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us.


Do not bring us to hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One.



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*sigh* bible thumpers thinking god or the devil even care about you all, if you ask me thats why god doesn't talk or listen to you all, you think that the world revolves around you and your beliefs and the after life. The after life is a lot of nothing, probably pretty boring actually.



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My 90yo Grandmother knew of the Pope's demise sometime in 2005 and that Ratzinger was all but a shoo-in for the job back in December. She IS a devout catholic, and to my knowledge IS NOT a TT.

Yep I'll agree with you there, all you have to do is look at any catholic web page



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Correction, the end is nigh for *biblical voice* "Follow the path of our lord" and such. The begening is just starting for those who follow their own paths the world won't end just religion.

What if you're wrong?

How do you know?


What do you think of the man Jesus?


Just want to find out more, you seem pretty confident. I want to know what you know so that I can weigh your evidence against mine.


If you want, we can take this to pm's.


If you don't want to dialogue about this, no problem. But then I would have to ask why you wouldn't want to help me from wasting my life away on an untrue "religion"



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No need to fret about it anyway. You see, everyone here so far as I know -- is --- human.


But all religion does is try and inspire you to make yourself better. As time goes on, other humans along with all humans will be -- living -- and if it comes to pass, that some people falter or fall on misfortune, then that did happen. Consider it like training your mind so you make better decisions than some others, and if the World does happen to collapse, then that training may help. I don't expect to be like the Lord, only follow that example if the rest of the World allows it. And if they don't then what the heck do you think that they expected or really meant!


In the beginning, in a galaxy, far, far away


The forces were sought, and control of those forces allowed some to consider being a Jedi-Knight!


Fantasy -- yea, right now!


But still, does it always have to be -- a fantasy?


Perhaps, not!


And one may not expect all the preparation that some may consider to be just dumb luck -- or really was it?


Preparation will always help, some more than others, but still, there is always something someone else can do, and so can you.


I would expect or think that everyone has this ability to use, if they seek it, and that is 99% of what some people will not do -- but the other 1% --- that will take a lot of work!


But then with time ---- it could amount to the best of whatever ability anyone could ever do or dream of.


Whatever the amount of the ability that anyone could use, was all that could be done anyway.


So why think about it, always better to just go on, but with a sense that something can guide anyone along the way!


Afterall, it will all be experiences that one calls -- your life.


And many people end up looking at it the wrong way -- that there should be more. But do you think anyone who does not know it, knew it anyway?


No one will, so where is that hurt?


It did not exist, even to a tribal person in Africa or anywhere else, they would not know it. Perhaps only a glimpse of a better life will be had, but if no one has that experience that takes more than just one person doing it, well, you might as well jump out of a airplane, open the parachute, and hope you don't have a hole in it!


And it has happened before, so check out who packed that chute anyway, so at least you feel somewhat secure knowing that you don't go splat!


And on the way down, some have glided like an eagle, some have flung their arms and legs like a wild turkey, and some just stiffen up, and some just think about what could happen, but still, if the parachute opened, then some of those people will go back up in that airplane again, and do it all over again, and perhaps again, and still again! Some others may not, and say -- once was enough!


As long as you don't go splat!


And any person will not want to go --- splat, unless they needed phychological help, and decided to go splat on his/her/alien own!


Then that may be -- dumb luck!



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