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Pilots into the next century:


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Pilots into the next century:


There is allot of I don't know and a lump in my throat on this one.


It is because I remembering the value of a very elegant man and I would like this vision to go into the future, so that other good pilots to come, can remember this.


Here are some spoken insets from Robert A. Hover, test pilot.


The P-51D is allot of aircraft. This plane as a whopping twelve cylinder engine that is dubbed Roll Royce Merlin.


At altitude with this aircraft, you have to pay attention and keep on-top of her.


You do this, as this plane, can turn you loose, like you can't,_ imagine!?


I like the handling qualities of the Shrike Commander.


In airshows I take her up a couple of thousand feet, then kill the engine.


With the energy that is gained as part of her handling characteristics, I will perform maneuvers rolls if I could, then set her down,_ without power.


The Navy Fury, was not a F-86.It was en entirely different aircraft, with differing expectations, handling qualities and did not perform, the same as an F-86.


>The delightfull southern drawl, a wonderfull set of manners and the swag and stile of a southern gentleman, is the harmark of Bob Hover.


These tallents, plus worlds of expierence and an airman's airman level of skill.


All pilots, regardless of who they are, can always learn from a gentleman such as this?


Thanks Bob!



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