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fash scenes from Creed steals Zesch:


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Flashes from, On Zeschua stolen:


World War One: The Gerries will lower their big howitzers and start dropping them in walking on us.


Stay down, don't get up, you'll make it through the first barrage?


The 1920s: This plane I can get to do twenty thousand.When she's in the dive, don't pull up, keep the nose down.


Zesch,...Damnit Creedo, she's breaking up!...Creedo,.Keep her nose down and don't let up on the control wheel.


About a mile off, a farmer on a tractor in a field, hears the boom.Wasn't a crash, more like something in the air, like thunder.


Zesches pants are filled and Creedo is in the backseat, laughing his as* off.


The Vietnam War: Zesch to Creedo,...Those soldiers over there are smoking marijuana, Creedo. Isn't that a court-martial offence in a wartime situation?


The Sheridan pulls up and the driver jumps out barefoot.


Fu*k this sh*t!. My drivers dead, whole platoon wiped out and my fu*kin cannon don't work, because of this stupid jungles humidity?


Solider, a man in command shouts!Where is your shoes, where is your unit commander.Consider yourself on report!


Fu*k you and your uniform, I just lost some of the best friends I ever had and you can take your salute,.....


Sergeant, I will handle this!?...I know its tough loosing friends like this.....Go over to the supply tent. They will get you some boots and a new uni.


The Fardaf Conflict: Zesch to Creedo,...We just sit here and wait for them to materialze so we can fight them?


I mean this type of conflict does not make any sence.


Creedo to Zesch,..On your visor, the old hand to hand combat techniques are wrong. When you run out, you have to hit them with sort-of your bodyweight, like a check-block and then kick and strike at the same time.


If you don't and do it by the book, it has no affect their way.


The orange warning light on Creedos wrist briolette starts to flash.


Creedo says to Zesch,..They're coming out over there. A meter of so, set pulse to stun, then kill them later?


They're almost part wolf and if you don't hit them this way, they recoup and ,.....well' its not pretty.


Zesch,..What about him, that Frank over there, is he alright?


Creedo,...He O.D.ed on CALM.He'll be out of it till the battle is over...I might beat the sh*t out of him then, or just let him go.



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