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Note on the said J.T. jump video


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  • 3 weeks later...

The jump training video, involved a said pic, from said actual user of the G.E. said manufactures, time displamcnet unit.


This jump pic, shows the effects of a semi-rotational effect, from fast evaporating black holes, which were said produced by the Titor training film.


Notes on this said pic, show the instructor within the drivers seat, while the unit is under operation.


A small laser which is shot on an undetermined infinite route, to the area where the force effect field is occurring bends.


The instructor is smoking a cigar, so that bending of the laser light beam can be observed.


These are not true black holes, however a minititure micro black simulated cluster of black holes, produced by some form of the apparatus, which is said to be the General Electric Unit.


The precursor formulae, are, where T-mass zero is observed, in the matrices of space and time, which is overed by gravitational effect from compaction, then the photon carrier, is observed in adjusting a deviant route.


This effect is more commonly known as the astronomical observation effect, where light at a distant passes to a present point is observed, albeit a product of modulation.


Particles which are carried in light, react with the stringed space complex of how space is put togeajhther, however this light, by and large is not changed.


This type of simulated black hole, only exerts a set pull near its miniature curvature, not on the passengers of the vehicle this unit is in.


The secondary field, is projected some eight foot away from the first center black hole, which acts as a marker, for the second field to set from.


The reason why this photo did not probably turn white, as most pictures do as a process of time travel, is that technically the inside of this type of machinre made black hole, which is a greatly modified Kerr's doublearity, is really a nonspecific point in time.


A Kerr's black hole, is really a non-specifity, as both fields cancel out their realized series of infinities.


So the picture of the Titor instructor jump video, is really a picture of no-where?


*Goto [/url]'>www.anomalies.net.







Go to time travel.or main page.







Type in John Titor pictures and you will come up with a series of pics, said made by John Titor.







The jump video, is in this collection.



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Films from other times broght back to the current time, almost always turn white or blank.

The jump video did not.


Please tell us how you know that they "almost always turn white or blank?" Really man:


#1. there is no Boomer jump video #2. the bent laser picture is a fake #3. smaller words work just fine for those of us that subscribe to the KISS schooloth #4. again, dudester, crack is wack and lettuce is grettis! - just kidding witcha



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I'm not sure what video Dan is refering to. The "Jump Video" that we generally refer to was submitted by "Steven" about four months after Titor stopped posting. But that video is not related to Titor.


You can view the Jump Video here:




Steven's story was that he was working on a "super secret" project for the Canadian government and some scientists were killed in an accident involving the dimensional travel gadget. He secretly snuck the video off site and posted it on Anomalies.


He then said that the video didn't actually depict dimensional travel but it was done with special effects as a proof of concept and submitted to the Canadian government to secure research funding.


Rick and I asked him some specific questions and asked him to offer some more evidence. He said that he would, back slid on the promise, never delivered and left the Anomalies BBS.


In one of his last posts he said that he didn't submit the evidence to Anomalies because he didn't like our attitude. He promised that he would post the evidence on Denny Unger's site Dark Planet Online once Denny had his new BBS up and running. That was to occur (and did occur) in the Fall of 2001.


Denny and I spoke via email and he was expecting to hear from Steven. It never happened and Steven never followed up (to our knowledge) on any other site.



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This is not the Steven jump film, however one of the photographic proofs bought back, by said time traveler John Titor.


There is a man, in the front seat of said vehicle, with a cigar, which is labeled as the Titor collection of films.


Try [/url]'>www.johntitor.com and under pictures, you will see what I had described.







2. the Steven jump video, was first said to be a dimension jumper.Know that this jump is by the use of, "it seems", a laser to detect dynamic variances utilizing a form of back pressure, in order to detect where an opening in space and time, for a dimension jump point.







The Steven collection and the John Titor collection of films should not be confused.







The last say was disclosed by a said time jumper, of this era, via a spoken tape of a said happenstance, where do-it-yourselves, had tried to contrast a time portal.







This was a large time portal and when they activated the portal, I think that there was one to three people killed and three to four others, that had suffered horrible radiation burns.







This was a bits and pieces disclosure, that I had finally put togeather as to what had happened.







There is a commercial do-it-yourself time portal, sold by Steven Gibbs. This unit is petite, compared to this other unit, that I had heard about.







It seems that this must have been lower end technology, or not done right and there was no magnetic stablelizatuion at the experimenters side of the portal.Could have been a loose or warped magntic feild, also?







From what I understand, radiation like a flood came into the room and either killed or critically burnt people in that room.







This is what I had put togeather, however this might be wrong information.







If you have the true said account of what had happened, then either P.M. me, or place this information, if it can be placed on this web site.







>Please no names, the name of the facility or exact place that this was, if this was a gubment facility.







You can stretch a Gibb's time portal to larger dimensions, however because the chance of a back flow of radiation coming through the portal, this is not suggested.



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Thanks for the clarificartion. I didn't think that you were refering to Steven's video but (as you know) we generally reserve the term "jump video" for Steven.


It's a cute video but I don't think that the Canadian government would be all that impressed by a video shot in a college student apartment that was admittedly (by Steven) just a special effect and not a shot of a real deal gadget at work.


It was also rather comical when Steven said that the video was secretly shot without authority and then snuck out of the laboratory. The livingroom of a college apartment doesn't leave much room for a secret videographer. Maybe he meant to say that the video was shot from the apartment's lavatory and not the laboratory. ;)



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If I did Malcolm, I certainly wouldn't tell you.


This is just a post I hold here.


Loads of people come through here and think that there is something special to any knowledge of time travel.


What you do know, you can't say for technical reasons. What you don't know, has a funny way of coming about as proof.


Don't tax me with questions, tax yourself?


Another laughable item here, is having outside people come in and say they are either policing this board, or trying to get a monopoly on time travel, as they think that they have one or two posting boards under control.


Time travel and time travelers are a lucid thing, like people who occasionally stand on street corners.


Sometimes their there, sometimes they're not.


It doesn't matter whether I know something and can prove it here, or are a dumb as a brick.This all doesn't matter, as the discussion of time travel, in some instances is like time itself, somthing like a fluid.



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