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As we progress on the Merkaba Project ( The RMT Consortium - as Creedo puts it ) some thoughts occur to me that actually are quite interesting and cause me to pause as I consider the ramifications.


Suppose that a team is successful with developing a Temporal Craft. If the team assembled the right members of different expertise, would they essentially be capable of creating a loop of our existence?


The team that I envision would be experts in ancient languages, construction methods, and perhaps even religion. If they travel to just the right moment in time and basically create the beginning of civilization, what effect would this have on everybody else?


What markers would they leave behind for "the team" to find (and utilize) in their era of origin to assist in the building of a successful craft?


Any thoughts from you all on the idea of such a team being able to start civilization ? and any ramifications of such an endeavor?



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