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My dream premonition about 9/11 (2 years before)


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(IgnorantSentient said I should post this here...I had it in the wrong section)


Hi Trendsetters,


Just found the forum...thought I'd share some dream 'premonitions' I've had...


I had a series of three dreams at least two (but possibly three) years before 9/11


In the first dream, I was at a high vantage point (possibly another skyscraper), and watched


as an airliner ploughed into a skyscraper. There were flames and debris falling down the face


of the building...NOTE; this occurred at night-time..


The second dream consisted of me walking along a semi-rural road, and watching a plane suddenly


plummet to the ground...it was as if it was being pulled down by a strong gravitational force..


The third dream was a terrifying chemical warfare scenario...I was with a friend at a


makeshift/tent facility where people were lined up for injections...some sort of antidote


to the chemical agent...I had to go with my friend to try to find more medical staff..and


I remember scrambling through the rubble of wht seemed like demolished warehouses...


on the way, I observed someone driving his car into a brick wall, at speed...I remember


an anguished look on his face...it was as if he was trying to escape the pain of this


chemical/biological agent...


You can imagine my dismay as 9/11 unfolded...although because the first dream occurred at


night, I realised I was viewing possible futures...and as we now know, these events were


planned many years ahead...was it a warning download from the Akashic ?


I also had many dreams of mile-high tidal waves, between the age of 8 and 12...


but I won't go into that...heh



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Do you know the other day I had a premonition about Jesus' crucifiction. Curse me being to late too warn him!


Ahem, seriously mate, this is bollocks, how do we bloody know what went through your head? So many hoaxsters, prophets, saviours, aliens and messiahs come on here you have to have alot more than to make this worth server space.


Good Scientist



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as you can all imagine reading these dreams and knowing truthful events after studying dreams for years on end and being psychic is not really easy people once called it day dreaming and to describe it in full detail.


if you understand the brain functions then you can then tell how long it took place as i have had a n.d.e and it was truly wonderous of what you see and hear and what you feel :)



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Re: My dream premonition about 9/11 (2 years befor


Please have some faith! Yes you can have dreams of future events. Ask how and I will tell.

Yes it's true, it sometimes even happens to me, but wouldn't it have been better to tell us your dreams BEFORE they come to life?

It would be much more believable.


And yeah, you could've just had this dream because of the effects of the 2nd anniversary of 9/11.



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